When Eddie Alvarez's wife Jamie Alvarez saved the former UFC champ from getting shot in the street

Eddie Alvarez with his wife Jamie Alvarez
Eddie Alvarez with his wife Jamie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez has always been vocal about how his wife, Jamie, has been there to support him throughout his fighting career. However, her support hasn't been limited to just her husband's exploits in combat sports. Interestingly, she once saved Alvarez from getting shot in the street.

In an interview with Chael Sonnen last year, the former UFC lightweight champion recalled a time when he got into a street fight, and instead of his friends, it was his wife who helped him and saved him from getting shot. Alvarez said:

"I was winning the fight, someone's brother came, kicked me in the face from the side, split my eye open and them someone pulled a gun out. My wife immediately, when I got kicked, jumped on the guy’s back and started punching. My friends didn’t do sh*t. So I realized like, I thought my friends were gonna have my back, but the girl that I just started dating and I was into had my back immediately, didn't think twice and then in my mind. 'Yes!,' in my mind I went, this is the kind of... Yeah, that's my girl."

Catch Eddie Alvarez's comments below (0:32):


'The Underground King' and his wife Jamie Alvarez have known each other since high school. The couple welcomed their first child when Eddie was just 20 years old in 2004 and went on to get married four years later in 2008.

Eddie Alvarez in BKFC: 'The Underground King' retired Chad Mendes at BKFC 41

Eddie Alvarez made his BKFC debut this past weekend against fellow former UFC star Chad Mendes.

Both fighters put on a highly entertaining show for the fans as both Alvarez and Mendes were knocked down during the fight. Ultimately, it was 'The Underground King' who came away with a split-decision victory on the night.

Soon after the fight, Mendes announced his retirement and had this to say in his post-fight interview:

"I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans. This has been a life long career for me. I started wrestling at the age of five years old. Never took a year off all the way through this now, so I'm officially hanging'em up tonight guys. Thank you very much for all the awesome memories throughout my UFC career coming into Bare Knuckle."

Watch Chad Mendes' post-fight interview below:

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