"Do you remember that time that you were protesting your own government" - When ex-UFC fighter Tim Kennedy called Brittney Griner out on her "ironic" and "despicable" behavior

Brittney Griner (left), Tim Kennedy (right) [Images courtesy of @timekennedymma on Instagram]
Brittney Griner (left), Tim Kennedy (right) [Images courtesy of @timekennedymma on Instagram]

Former UFC fighter and current US soldier Tim Kennedy recently made a controversial post on Instagram regarding the Brittney Griner situation in Russia. The female basketball player was stopped inside a Russian airport, where authorities later found cannabis oil in her luggage. At the trial, Griner pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to nine years in jail.

Kennedy has often been vocal about political matters within the United States and has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience to discuss various topics with the UFC commentator. On Instagram, the former UFC fighter stated that it was "ironic" that Griner was seeking the government's help after allegedly asking for the national anthem to not be played during basketball games:

"Do you remember that time that you were protesting your own government and even requesting that the national anthem not be played at your games then going back to this same government and pleading that they intervene on your behalf to get you out of a Russian prison after you illegally brought drugs into their country."

Tim Kennedy continued to say:

"Does not get more ironic than this… Even with her despicable behavior, I do believe that every American is worth fighting for, even those that hate their own country."

Kennedy made it clear that he was unhappy with Brittney Griner's "behavior" but does believe that the United States should help get the basketball player out of prison.

However, when news broke that Russia might be willing to exchange Griner for a Russian prisoner, Kennedy once again let his opinions be known on social media.

It's been reported that Russia want Viktor Bout to be handed to them in exchange for Brittney Griner. Bout is a Russian arms dealer and has the nickname 'The Merchant of Death' for his crimes.

What did Tim Kennedy say about Joe Rogan during the podcaster's Spotify controversy?

Tim Kennedy is not one to keep his opinions to himself and will often stand up for what he believes in. This was put into action when the former UFC fighter stood up for Joe Rogan during the UFC commentator's COVID-19 'misinformation' controversy on Spotify.

The two MMA enthusiasts are seemingly close friends, and Kennedy took to Twitter to state that the only reason he has subscribed to Spotify is to listen to the JRE podcast episodes:

"It’s weird that you have to make a proclamation that you stand with a friend that ask questions and doesn’t accept the status quo. The only reason I have @spotify is because @joerogan is on it. F**k #cancelculture and screw every coward that supports any form of #censorship"

The former UFC fighter was upset with the "cancel culture" and "censorship" that he felt was being brought upon Joe Rogan after claims made on his podcast surrounding COVID-19. As mentioned, Kennedy has been a guest on JRE and is seemingly a big supporter of the messages Rogan sends during his podcast episodes.

Watch Kennedy on JRE here:


The support from Tim Kennedy would likely have meant a lot to Joe Rogan, given that many in the media were unhappy with what they deemed to be 'misinformation' provided on his show.

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