When fighter-turned-referee Frank Trigg had a bloody elevator scrap with UFC announcer Bruce Buffer 

Frank Trigg (left; Image Credit: @franktrigg on Instagram) and Bruce Buffer (right)
Frank Trigg (left; Image Credit: @franktrigg on Instagram) and Bruce Buffer (right)

Frank Trigg and UFC announcer Bruce Buffer were involved in a bloody elevator scrap over 15 years ago, while Dana White watched from the sidelines.

The UFC was filming The Ultimate Fighter show in Las Vegas back in June 2006. After a day's shoot, Buffer went to former commentator Mike Goldberg's room at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Trigg was also present there.

'Twinkle Toes' and Buffer got into the elevator with Goldberg, UFC president White and his security guard. What followed once they entered the elevator was quite shocking, to say the least.

In the 2020 UFC Fight Pass show about Buffer called Fightlore, all parties involved in the incident spoke about it in detail.

"I went up to Goldberg’s room and Frank was in there. We decided we were going out. When we get to the elevator, the doors open and there's White and his security and then Frank walks in. I love watches and Dana had this really cool watchband on and I go, ‘Dana, what a cool watch'. All of a sudden, I got a wrist hand shot to my neck. I turned around and I said, ‘Frank, why the f**k did you hit me?' He said: ‘What are you going to do?’ I just reacted and punched him twice. Frank came back at me, hit me harder and I had to hit him back harder. It was on, 10 floors! What does that take? 15-25 seconds? Dana was against the elevator, I don’t remember seeing him. I just threw my arms in the air and I said, ‘Frank, we’re done!’ I looked down and there was blood up and down my shirt," said Buffer.

Watch Frank Trigg, Bruce Buffer and Dana White give a first-hand account of the elevator incident in 2006 below:


Frank Trigg and Bruce Buffer were on duty in the same early prelims bout at UFC 270 on Saturday

MMA Twitter went crazy when they saw Frank Trigg and Bruce Buffer in close quarters during UFC 270. Trigg, who is now a referee, officiated the Vanessa Demopoulous vs. Silvana Gomes Juarez early preliminary card fight.

Demopoulous won the women's strawweight fight via submission in the very first round.

See Frank Trigg with Vanessa Demopoulous, Silvana Gomez Juarez and Bruce Buffer inside the octagon below:

Trigg looks like a proud father here #UFC270

Trigg is a former two-time UFC welterweight title challenger, fighting Matt Hughes in both title contests. He has also served as a commentator in the past.

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