When Jake Paul had a $300,000 surgery to put a camera into his arm!

Jake Paul
Jake Paul
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YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul claimed in 2019 that he had a camera permanently installed in his left arm. He streamed the entire process on his YouTube channel and at the end of the video, waved goodbye to his fans via the said camera. However, that has since been proven fake.

Jake Paul said in his March 15, 2019 video that a rapper he saw on Instagram who had an Autotune implant in his arm. He was inspired by that and decided to get a camera implanted in his arm as well. The rapper in question is Nessly, who was there to support Jake Paul during his surgery as well.

The two visited a doctor whom Jake Paul claims to be the "best in Los Angeles" to get the procedure done.

Watch the video below:


Fellow YouTuber calls Jake Paul out on his fake implant

Many fans of Jake Paul started complaining that the YouTuber was fooling them with false information in videos. To put the matter at rest, another YouTuber on his channel CallMeMing busted Jake Paul's claim and pointed out all the loopholes in his video.

He started by showing how Nessly seemed to not have the Autotune implant on his hand, and in the next moment, he did have it. He also questioned the legitimacy of the claim that the doctor who operated on Jake Paul was "the best in Los Angeles". It is also questionable why a dentist was doing surgery with robotic prosthetics.

As Jake Paul lies down to get the surgery, CallMeMing pointed out how Nessly was keeping his arm away from the camera very conveniently. After the surgery was over, Jake Paul seemed bewildered by the new addition on his arm. However, as CallMeMing said, there was no blood on his arm - not even oozing out - which is unlikely after a surgery of this magnitude.

Finally, at the end of the video, Jake Paul says goodbye to his fans and he pretends like he is recording himself in the new camera implant. However, the device he was using to do the recording could clearly be seen in the reflection on his glasses, and it was evident that Jake Paul was using his phone for the purpose. Moreover, the quality of the video was also quite poor and not at all worthy of a $300,000 implant.

"You can clearly see he is using his phone to record himself in the reflection of his glasses. But let's for one second believe that it was real. But he spent $300,000 dollars on that 240p quality?" said CallMeMing.

Watch CallMeMing's video here:


In the next video Jake Paul released, he had dressed up as a dog the whole time, which was quite convenient as he would have needed to hide his arm from being on camera.

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