"How is this gonna protect us from China?" - When comedian Tim Dillon tried to sell Metaverse concept to an unconvinced Joe Rogan 

Tim Dillion (left), Joe Rogan (right) [Images courtesy of @timjdillon on Instagram]
Tim Dillion (left), Joe Rogan (right) [Images courtesy of @timjdillon on Instagram]

Back in December 2021, Joe Rogan was speaking to comedian Tim Dillion on episode #1753 of the JRE podcast about the Metaverse. Rogan wasn't sold on the concept, but Dillion tried his best to sell the Metaverse to the UFC commentator.

The comedian tried to convince Rogan to buy "digital real estate" and start his "own country" on the Metaverse platform. Yet, the podcaster wasn't convinced and started the segment off by saying:

"But how is this going to protect us from China? Isn't that the real issue? They're buying up everything."

Listen to the full podcast below:

The duo then had a look at a plot of digital land designed for Snopp Dogg, which still didn't help Rogan understand why somebody would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for digital land.

The UFC commentator then inquired about who gets the money once the digital land is sold. When he was told that it was the digital land owner who gets paid, Rogan said:

"That's nonsense, it's nonsense. There's no land, but there's no land."

Watch the full podcast clip below:


Joe Rogan is usually someone who is very open to new ideas and concepts, but for whatever reason, he just can't understand why somebody would buy digital land instead of real land.

Tim Dillion gave the analogy of when a celebrity moves into an apartment block, others will want to live there too - but this didn't seem to help matters, with Rogan still visibly confused.

When Beeple gave Joe Rogan an Elon Musk NFT as a gift

Despite his lack of Metaverse knowledge, Joe Rogan was very pleased with his NFT gift from Beeple back in December 2021 on episode #1748 of the JRE podcast.

Michael Joseph Winkelmann, otherwise known as Beeple, is a digital artist that became famous for his NFT artwork after a record sale of $69.3 million dollars.

After first gifting Rogan a new pair of underwear, warning the podcaster he might "s**t" his pants, the artist gave the UFC commentator an Elon Musk NFT from his spring/summer collection.

Watch the full unboxing of the NFT here:


Winkelmann had designed a 'Giga Chad' Elon Musk NFT in one of his collections and gave it to Rogan on the podcast episode. The packaging also included a hair sample from the unique artist, which caught the podcaster off guard, but Rogan was still thankful for the gifts.

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