When Joe Rogan was stunned by the gameplay of 'God of War' -  "It's like watching an episode of Vikings"

Joe Rogan reacts to God of War [Photo credit: & Amazon Prime UK]
Joe Rogan reacts to God of War [Photo credit: & Amazon Prime UK]

One of the joys of tuning in to an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience is getting to listen to the veteran UFC commentator learn new things.

That's exactly what happened during Rogan's conversation with fellow stand-up comedian Duncan Trussell on episode #1137 of the wildly-popular video podcast. During their discussion, Trussell revealed that for him, there isn't a video game quite like Sony Santa Monica's God of War.

The ever-inquisitive Rogan wanted to see what the fuss was all about and asked his producer Jamie Vernon to pull up footage from the video game. Needless to say, the podcast host was amazed once he saw what the gameplay looked like:

"You can see the dirt on his hands," said Rogan, who was astounded about every little detail of the video game. "It's like you're watching an episode of Vikings," he added.

Check out Joe Rogan's reaction in the clip below:


But don't take Rogan's word for it. God of War is regarded as a modern classic, winning the coveted 'Game of the Year' honors in 2018. The game also won the 'Best Game Direction' award in the same year.

God of War director hits back Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan turned into the gaming community's public emeny number-one when he fired off a hot take that offended video game enthusiasts.

During a previous episode of the JRE podcast, Rogan argued that video games are essentially too fun to get people anywhere in life. As such, Rogan said he believes gaming is a "waste of time" :

"Video games a real problem," Rogan explained. "You know why? Because they're f**8ing fun. You do them, and they're real exciting, but you don't get anywhere. Three years later you could just be that same kid, playing video games, waiting for the next whatever the f*** game is...You're gonna waste your time."

Check out the video below:

“Video games a real problem. You know why? Because they’re f**king fun. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.”Joe Rogan has described video games as a “waste of time” for 'most people':…

Developers, content creators, and gamers took to Twitter to argue against the podcaster's take. The most notable was God of War director Cory Barlog, who argued that gaming "definitely got me nowhere."

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