When Justin Gaethje held a towel for Max Holloway at UFC 218 weigh-ins

Justin Gaethje holdimg the towel for Max Holloway at UFC 218 weigh-ins
Justin Gaethje holdimg the towel for Max Holloway at UFC 218 weigh-ins [Image Courtesy: MMAFighting on YouTube]

In an unfortunate incident at UFC 218 weigh-ins, UFC lightweight contender Justin Gaethje unintentionally exposed former featherweight champion Max Holloway while holding a towel for him. The incident occurred during the weigh-in ceremony, where fighters have to strip down to their undergarments to make weight for their respective bouts.

Gaethje, who was there to support Holloway, held a towel to cover him up as he stepped on the scales. However, in a moment of carelessness, Max Holloway was compounded by the fact that the towel being held in front of the scales prevented officials from checking the weight.

As a result, 'The Highlight' moved the towel behind the scales, leaving the Hawaiian native exposed for instance, which caused further embarrassment for the fighter and created a stir among the audience.

Check out the entire sequence of events below:

Incidents of carelessness while holding towels during weigh-ins are unfortunately not uncommon in the world of mixed martial arts. One notable example is the case of Meisha Tate at UFC 200 weigh-ins, where she was also a victim of a dropped towel.

Check out the ill-fated incident below:


Max Holloway talks about his aspirations to move up to the lightweight division

Fans and analysts at the UFC have been buzzing about the possibility of Max Holloway returning to the lightweight division. The former featherweight champion, who has previously competed in the lightweight division, has finally shared his thoughts on the matter.

In a recent interaction with journalists on UFC Kansas City media day, Holloway expressed his willingness to move back up to the lightweight division if it makes sense for him and his team. However, 'Blessed' emphasized that his primary focus at the moment is on the featherweight division, where he has been a dominant force for many years:

"I don't know, I couldn't answer that question. I mean I would love to fight and get busy and 155 (lightweight) like I said is not that far off man. I mean I had a very competitive fight with Poirier in the rematch and he used to be top what three in the world at at 155 right now so and then you know Alex did his thing against Islam again style make fights."
"We're proving that like, we're right there amongst the top you know so at the end of the day I don't know bro but I am Polynesian, I'm Samoan-Hawaiian, we love food so I think gaining weight is not going to be a problem."

Check out Max Holloway's entire statement below (from 7:49 onwards):


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