Where did Joe Rogan grow up?

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Joe Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1965. He grew up in Jersey until he was five years old. Rogan and his mother eventually moved out of the south-eastern state after his parents got divorced.

Rogan and his mother then settled in San Francisco, California, until he was 11. While in San Francisco, his mother remarried. According to an article by PopularTimelines, the UFC commentator and his family then moved to Gainesville, Florida, and later settled in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, near Boston.

He graduated from Newton South High School in Massachusetts in 1985.

Rogan's early childhood was a troubled one, mainly because his father Joseph Rogan was a violent man. During episode #118 of The Joe Rogan Experience, he revealed that his father was a phycotic person who used to physically abuse people.

Watch Joe Rogan talk about his childhood below:


When Joe Rogan revealed the value of growing up without a father

During episode #1126 of JRE, the UFC commentator told his guest Erik Griffin that growing up without a father made him realize he couldn't count on people, but at the same time made him want to be a reliable person.

Rogan added that he keeps a close circle of friends and would do anything for them. Furthermore, he revealed that comradery and closeness are virtues that he wholeheartedly values:

"I knew him [his father] until I was six. The good thing is it made me realize that you can't count on people, but you can count on some people. I definitely had trust issues. [But I wanted to] become someone that people count on and count on people."

He added:

"You understand [that you can't count on people]. Whereas, someone who grows up in a big household filled with people and the family, was always there... You might take people for granted... Whereas for mecomradery and closeness, that s**t means a lot to me."

Watch Rogan talk about growing up without a father below:


Despite his troubled childhood, Joe Rogan turned his life around and is now one of the most prominent figures in mixed martial arts, comedy and podcasting. He has been commentating for the UFC for close to two decades and is usually on-duty for major pay-per-views in North America.

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