Who is Joe Rogan's latest JRE podcast guest Rick Strassman?

Joe Rogan (left), Rick Strassman (right) [Images courtesy of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify]
Joe Rogan (left), Rick Strassman (right) [Images courtesy of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify]

On the latest episode of the JRE podcast, Joe Rogan hosted clinical associate professor of psychiatry Rick Strassman. The medical professional works at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and studied at Stanford University.

Strassman is widely known for his research in the psychedelic field and has written a book about DMT titled DMT: The Spirit Molecule. The JRE guest is also known as one of the first people in the United States to legally study psychedelics via human research. Strassman's book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, details his findings and experiences while researching DMT.

Rogan is a strong advocate for recreational drug use, including DMT, and often discusses his experiences with guests on the podcast. The UFC commentator also hosted a documentary version of Strassman's book, which is likely why Rogan values his opinion on DMT so highly.

Strassman is one of the most knowledgeable medical experts when it comes to DMT, given his countless years of research, most notably for a government-funded project in 1990. The medical professional tested 60 human volunteers with approximately 400 doses of DMT across a five-year spell.

It was clear that Rogan couldn't have picked a better guest to talk about DMT on the podcast. Strassman has a relatively low-key media presence but has appeared on smaller podcasts in the past.

What did Joe Rogan's latest guest, Rick Strassman, say about the effects of DMT?

When Joe Rogan hosted Rick Strassman on episode #1854 of the JRE podcast, the conversation was always going to be around psychedelic drugs and their effect on the human body, given Strassman's experience in the field.

While Rogan was mentioning some of the ways individuals like to try and use endogenous DMT via various breathing methods and other experimental forms, Strassman pointed out exactly when you'll know if you're experiencing the DMT effect:

"You know one of the hallmarks of the DMT effect, is that it feels more real than real."

Watch the full Rick Strassman JRE clip here:


Joe Rogan asked how one would know if the body wasn't just "tricking itself" instead of the experience having a real or spiritual meaning. Rick Strassman didn't see the difference it made if the experience was "real" or not, going on to state:

"Yeah, what difference does it make? It's previously invisible and it contains information and I think that's all you can say about it."

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