Who is Joe Rogan's latest podcast guest Charlie Walker?

Charlie Walker (left), Joe Rogan (right) [Iimage via @cwexplore on Instagram]
Charlie Walker (left), Joe Rogan (right) [Iimage via @cwexplore on Instagram]

The latest guest on Joe Rogan's popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is Charlie Walker, a British explorer, writer, and public speaker. Walker specializes in long-distance human-powered expeditions.

During his 12-year career as an explorer, Charlie Walker has traveled to some of the most remote places on the globe. His expeditions have taken him to Arctic tundras, Congolese jungles, various deserts, the highlands, the Tibetan plateaus, and many more places.

Walker is also notorious for having traveled over 50,000 miles on bicycles, foot, horses, rafts, and dugout canoes. In 2010, Charlie Walker embarked on the longest expedition of his career. On the journey, he covered 60 countries on his bicycle.

By the end of the expedition, Walker had transversed through the furthest capes in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The entire endeavor took four-and-a-half years to complete.

The Brit is a member of the prestigious Royal Geographical society. He is also a three-time recipient of the 'Mad but Marvelous' Grant. Walker has authored two books based on his travels, 'On Roads That Echo' and 'Through Sand and Snow'.

Walker's exploits have been featured in many leading media organizations like the BBC, Sunday Times, and Radio 4.

Catch the JRE episode below:

Joe Rogan asks Charlie Walker why he became an explorer

Joe Rogan kicked off episode No.1832 of his podcast by asking his guest Charlie Walker why he decided to become an explorer. The British native answered by saying that he is just a very curious person:

"I suppose it comes down to, I'm just really curious. I want to get to these places, see, you know, people living lives differently to mine. I grew up in a tiny little village where, you know, it's nice, but nothing really happened. And I suppose I started travelling when I was eighteen... and just got more and more curious and slowly realized that I enjoy travelling more if I was getting to places by I suppose by physically difficult means"

A curious Joe Rogan then quizzed Walker on what his first physically challenging trip was. The wanderlust explained that his first grueling trip was when he biked a distance of one thousand miles from Beijing to Mongolia.:

"The first time I did anything sort of particularily physically challenging was I flew to Beijing and I had a flight out of Mongolia and kind of quiet last minute I thought oh! well you know its a thousand between the two, I'll take a bike, a bicycle. It took two weeks to cross up to the Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mangolia... and frankly those two weeks were particularily sh***y "

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