Who is Joe Rogan's latest podcast guest Hotep Jesus?

Hotep Jesus (Left) and Joe Rogan (Right) (Images courtesy of @hotepjesus Twitter and Getty)
Hotep Jesus (Left) and Joe Rogan (Right) (Images courtesy of @hotepjesus Twitter and Getty)

Bryan Sharpe, also known as Hotep Jesus, recently made an appearance on the famous Joe Rogan Experience podcast to have a chat with the UFC color commentator.

Hotep Jesus is a famous artist, author, and marketer. The media personality is known for his controversial takes on conspiracy theories. He even claimed that the Roman civilization was largely dependent on Africans to complete their basic needs.

Sharpe previously appeared on the JRE podcast in 2019 as he expressed his views on the "mentality" of African-Americans and the causes behind it. He claimed that people in this community often have a "Slave Mentality" due to their painful history.

However, he believes that African-Americans should be more enlightened about history and know that they were not brought to the United States only as slaves. Rather, they have also become natives of their country.

Joe Rogan and Hotep Jesus discuss baby food shortage

During their chat, Rogan brought up the fact that there is a shortage of baby formulas at the moment. The UFC color commentator discussed with Sharpe what he thinks is the reason behind it.

The author claimed that baby formulas are not good for babies. Those supplements, according to Hotep, are often used by mothers who can't breastfeed their babies.

He believes that there have been some major side effects noticed over the years from using baby formulas. Here's what Hotep Jesus said while talking on this issue:

"Baby formula ain't no good for babies. Most of them are not. There's alternative formulas out there that is really good. Some of them are like soy based....But when you talk about, I don't wanna name companies, that could give me legal issues. The formula that's on the market has a lot of toxic ingredients in it. And it ain't good for babies."

Watch Joe Rogan and Hotep Jesus talk about baby formulas:


Hotep Jesus and Rogan have grown a cordial relationship over time and fans can expect the guest to be back on the podcast in the future also.

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