Why has Dr. Robert Malone, Joe Rogan's podcast guest, been banned from Twitter?

Dr. Robert Malone (left) and Joe Rogan (right) [Image Courtesy: @mercedesschlapp and @realDailyWire on Twitter]
Dr. Robert Malone (left) and Joe Rogan (right) [Image Courtesy: @mercedesschlapp and @realDailyWire on Twitter]

Dr. Robert Malone's Twitter account has been banned because he constantly challenges the media's narratives surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. Malone was invited as a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, on December 30th, with the release date of the show still unknown.

Dr. Robert Malone is credited with the invention of mRNA technology. mRNA vaccines use a messenger RNA to create an immune response in the recipient’s body. The vaccines made using mRNA technology produce antigen and immune responses that help in recovery.

Dr. Robert Malone is also one of the major catalysts to have brought technology worldwide. However, his stance against Covid-19 vaccines has led the public to heavily criticize him.

Just a day before appearing on Joe Rogan's podcast, Dr. Robert Malone had his Twitter account suspended. Ever since Covid-19 vaccines have been administered to the public, Malone has been constantly challenging the claims of the government and media.

On December 29th, just hours before having his Twitter account banned, Dr. Robert Malone shared a link and said:

"The Pfizer inoculations for COVID-19 - More Harm Than Good- VIDEO. Pfizer 6 month data which shows that Pfizer's COVID 19 inoculations cause more illness than they prevent. Plus, an overview of the Pfizer trial flaws in both design and execution."
Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the mRna vaccines tweeted a video explaining from the data about the harms from the Pfizer vaccine, & the problems with its clinical trials. For this @Twitter suspended his account! This is the level of censorship on twitter! Just Vax propaganda

Apart from this, Dr. Robert Malone also expressed his concerns for vaccinations of children and urged the parents to avoid this step. Malone said:

"The reason they are giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie. Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents. It's actually the opposite, their immunity after getting Covid is critical to save their family if not the world from this disease."
🧬Robert Malone, inventeur de la technologie ARNm, met vivement en garde contre la vaccination des enfants : "En tant que parent et grand-parent, je vous recommande vivement de résister et de vous battre pour protéger vos enfants." @RWMaloneMD L'article :

Was Dr. Robert Malone involved with Covid-19 vaccine research?

In the early 2020s when the world was coming to grips with Covid-19, Dr. Robert Malone was called upon to research for its treatment. Malone was involved in research for a heartburn medicine that was being tested for use in the treatment of the virus.

Dr. Robert Malone estimates that the COVID-19 vaccines have about a 10% efficacy against the Omicron variant, and he asserts that their "leaky" nature is causing further mutations."So basically, [the vaccines] don't do anything except drive further evolution of the virus."

However, Dr. Robert Malone suggested that the medicine might help with the virus's reproduction and the trials were halted.

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