Why did Kamaru Usman's father go to jail?

Kamaru Usman with his family in the octagon
Kamaru Usman with his family in the octagon

Kamaru Usman came over to the United States at the age of eight along with his parents. In the USA, his father, Muhammed Usman, took on a career in pharmaceuticals. However, the profession eventually landed him in prison, although Kamaru Usman says his father never committed any crime.

A July 2020 ESPN report talked about Kamaru Usman's mother, Afishetu P. Usman recalling the day in 2009 when a SWAT team came by and arrested Muhammed Usman on the charge of multiple false claims submitted by his ambulance company.

11 months after his arrest, in May 2010, Muhammed Usman was convicted of 14 federal charges and sentenced to 180-month prison time and restitution of $1.3 million. He was released last February from a Texas prison, where he served 10 of the 15 years he was sentenced to.

However, according to his son, the current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, Muhammed committed no crime that should have landed him in prison.

Kamaru Usman: It goes to test the justice system here

Kamaru Usman opened up about his father's incarceration for the first time on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and blamed the justice system of the USA for turning a blind eye towards his father's innocence because he was an immigrant.

He shared that the real culprits were the paramedics who Muhammed had hired to run his ambulance company. The crimes were committed by them and even after they admitted to the wrongdoing, Muhammed Usman was sentenced to prison for 15 years simply because of his 'ignorance'.

"One thing that I really haven't really shared with anybody... very, very few people know that my father has been incarcerated since 2009. This is the first time I have really talked about it. My dad was... it goes to test the justice system here, man... it's so crooked and so backwards... My dad was businessman and my dad built one of the very, very big business in Dallas.
"He owned an ambulance company and... it was one of those situations where my dad hired the people that he thought were the right people to do what he didn't know... they run the company into the ground and now because my dad was the owner of the company, they put it all on him, even though the people that were doing the things that were wrong in the company admitted to doing the wrong things. But what the court said is that 'Oh because you own the company, ignorance is not an excuse, so because of that, we're going to sentence you to 15 years."

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