“Woodley‘s gonna knock him the f**k out” - Jorge Masvidal reveals why Jake Paul will lose his August 29th fight against Tyron Woodley

Jorge Masvidal (left); Jake Paul (center) and Tyron Woodley (right)
Jorge Masvidal (left); Jake Paul (center) and Tyron Woodley (right)
Johny Payne

Jake Paul is all set to fight Tyron Woodley in a professional boxing match on August 29th, 2021. The fight has captivated fans worldwide, as it’s considered to be Paul’s first true test against a dangerous striker.

In an appearance on the latest edition of The MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani, UFC superstar Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal weighed in on the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley boxing match. He picked Woodley to win and stated:

“So, it’s not to diss Jake…Woodley can throw them hands; Ben Askren never could…Woodley could’ve made his money grappling, which he did. He’s good enough of an athlete, and he’s good enough of an athlete to make his money with his hands and knock people the f**k out. I know Jake’s never been in there with a guy like that – That’s explosive, is a good athlete, and has a ton of experience over. So, (if) Jake wins, f**king wild. My hat’s off to him. I was wrong. I don’t know sh** about fighting, right? But, chances are Woodley‘s gonna knock him the f**k out.”


Jorge Masvidal has trained with both Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul (left) and Tyron Woodley (right)
Jake Paul (left) and Tyron Woodley (right)

Jorge Masvidal has trained with Tyron Woodley for several years at ATT (American Top Team). Meanwhile, Jake Paul briefly trained with Masvidal before his boxing match against Ben Askren earlier this year.

Masvidal assessed the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight based on what he took from those training sessions and said:

“We (Jake Paul and I) didn’t spar. I saw him hit the pads. I think I’ve seen him lightly sparring with guys. I’ve only seen from fights and the footage we have online when he’s going at a hundred, a hundred speed. That being said, I’ve also seen Woodley when he’s hitting pads, when he’s sparring at a hundred, and when he’s fighting at a hundred. And I do the math. Woodley wins, man. Woodley just wins, you know.”
“As long as he did his part – which was train, leading up to the moment; was in the gym, doing his thing – he’s gonna win. There’s just too much experience and athleticism on that side. I think Jake’s a good athlete, but Woodley’s a different type of athlete, you know, that next, next-level athlete. And Jake’s gonna feel it in the fight. I don’t think he’s even ever sparred with somebody as athletic as Woodley that can cover the distance he can. If Woodley was to get tired or hurt, (he’d) clinch him and there’s nothing Jake could do. Yeah, the referee will break it up, but there goes four or five seconds. He’s gonna get manhandled in the clinch. I see Woodley winning.”

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