"Years of steroids" - Fans react as video of 260-pounder Bradley Martyn dropping Sneako "on his a**" resurfaces after Sean Strickland sparring clip

Fans react to an old video of Bradley Martyn sparring Sneako [Image via: @bradleymartyn on Instagram]
Fans react to an old video of Bradley Martyn sparring Sneako [Image via: @bradleymartyn on Instagram]

Recently, an old video of Bradley Martyn and Sneako sparring reappeared on the internet. The social media influencers faced off in a boxing sparring session at a gym, with the 34-year-old Martyn seemingly getting the better of the 25-year-old Sneako.

Martyn managed to knock out his much lighter opponent. In addition, the famous bodybuilder appeared to chip Sneako's tooth with one of his multiple strikes.

Fans rushed to the comments section to share their reactions.

One fan wrote:

''And do years of steroids. Fighting arts are unmatched.''

Another fan wrote:

''Roid rage is huge problem with bodybuilders… he hit him behind his head… that ain’t boxing''

One fan criticized Martyn's sparring with Sneako, writing:

''He simply knocked sneako down with the slowest punch I’ve ever seen sounds like u need to learn more bout fighting''

Check out more reactions below:

Screenshot of fan reactions to @GoatStPiHair on X
Screenshot of fan reactions to @GoatStPiHair on X

For context, in his latest stream on Feb. 9, 2024, Sneako found himself face-to-face with none other than Sean Strickland. 'Tarzan' approached the streamer and stated his intention to spar with him before leaving town. Despite his initial reservations, the 'red pill' content producer eventually consented, claiming that he preferred the sparring session to be focused on boxing.

Despite the huge gap in experience and skill, the two fought it out on camera, and the bout ended with the content creator getting beat up.

Bradley Martyn's ongoing feud with Demetrious Johnson

For the past few months, Bradley Martyn has been at odds with former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. Martyn has recently made news in the combat sports world, notably for claiming that he would easily defeat high-level professional fighters from smaller weight divisions.

Martyn has repeatedly said that he will simply exploit his size and strength advantage to overcome professional boxers. On that point, Johnson challenged the well-known bodybuilder to a grappling match to prove him wrong.

The 37-year-old was unfazed by Martyn's remarks, and he even shared how to neutralize the huge figure. ‘Mighty Mouse’ said the massive weight difference between him and the influencer won’t matter during his interview on The MMA Hour:

“I would love to go down there and just grapple him. No animosity. Just, ‘Hey dude, Demetrious Johnson, Bradley Martyn, come on, let’s go. Show me what you got, big man. Big muscle man, what you fucking gonna do, mate?’ Just go out there and play. Now everybody and their fucking mom has taken it to a level.”

Catch Demetrious Johnson's comments below (2.05.49):


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