"You just exposed them" - Fans react as Andrew Tate 'drops bombs' about U.S. elections conspiracy theory

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate dispels conspiracy theory about U.S. elections [Images Courtesy: @TateNews_ on X and Getty Images]

Andrew Tate has recently put forward a conspiracy theory about U.S. elections, alleging that the government's approval of open borders isn't meant to help undocumented people vote.

The former kickboxer is known for consistently expressing polarizing opinions that stir controversy among many. True to form, 'Cobra' recently maintained his distinctive character in a post on X.

Tate claimed that the U.S. government's stance on open borders is not about allowing undocumented individuals to vote but rather introducing millions of unknown people to manipulate elections. According to his theory, these unidentified individuals could be used to generate fraudulent votes through randomly fabricated names on postal ballots.

The self-proclaimed 'Top G' suggested that by permitting the entry of more people, authorities could allegedly exploit this situation to orchestrate election scams with votes from non-existent individuals.

Check out Andrew Tate's post below:

Fans responded to Tate's claims with an array of reactions.

One wrote:

"The end result is the same thing though. They are using it to try and steal the election."

Another commented:

"And this Ladies and Gentlemen is why the Deep State has gone after Andrew Tate harder than the actual pedophiles & s*x traffickers on Epstein Island The truth is hard to swallow. America has the most rigged elections anywhere in the world."

Check out some more reactions below:

"You're dropping bombs at 5 am my friend."
"You just exposed them..."
"You're spreading too much truth right now."
Credits: @Cobratate on X
Credits: @Cobratate on X

Allegations of election manipulation through fraud associated with ballot drop boxes initially emerged from right-wing conspiracy theorists following the defeat of former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Andrew Tate's bid to acquire Epstein's island and convey insights on "western elites"

Andrew Tate has recently extended an offer to acquire Jeffrey Epstein's island, which coincides with the disclosure of the names of more than 150 associates of the disgraced financier.

Tate wrote on X:

"I will buy Epstein's island and put a massive plaque on it saying WESTERN ELITES ARE HUMAN TRAFFICKERS NOT THE TATE BROTHERS. Anyone got the price? I swear I will pay it RIGHT, NOW."

Check out Andrew Tate's post below:

'Cobra' and his younger brother Tristan Tate themselves faced apprehension by the Romanian authorities in Bucharest in December 2022 on charges involving r*pe, human trafficking, and running a criminal enterprise involved in the s*xual exploitation of young women.

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