YouTuber Bradley Martyn names next target after running through Sneako in viral knockdown 

Bradley Martyn
Bradley Martyn names his next target

Bradley Martyn has named the person he wants to spar next after running through fellow YouTuber Sneako.

Martyn has gained a lot of attention of late for either challenging professional fighters to street fights or claiming that he can beat them because of his advantage in strength, physicality, and size. While he spoke about going up against professional fighters, he ended up sparring Sneako.

The video of the two content creators recently went viral on social media, where Martyn was seen overpowering and knocking down Sneako. It is worth noting that there was a significant size difference between the two.

Following his spar with Seanko, Bradley Martyn took to X (formerly Twitter) and outlined plans for his next bout, which he claims will be against another YouTuber, Neon.

"Fighting neon next. stay tuned."

Take a look at his post below:

Logan Paul challenged Bradley Martyn for a spar

Last month, Logan Paul publicly called out Bradley Martyn after the fitness influencer challenged Nate Diaz to a street fight and spoke about how he wanted Jake Paul to lose against Diaz.

Martyn's comments certainly did not sit well with Logan Paul, who sounded off on the fitness YouTuber during an episode of his podcast, IMPAULSIVE. While suggesting that Martyn is making such bold claims just for clicks, Paul said:

"I gotta say something about Bradley. I think you’re getting lame. I think you’re getting lame as a person or a person who’s searching for clicks. He had Nate Diaz, who's fighting my brother on August 5, on his podcast. In the same sentence, he's like, 'I'm cool with Jake. I like Jake. I just hope you beat his a*s.' Why say that?"

Logan Paul then challenged Martyn to come to Puerto Rico for a spar to be "humbled":

"Even the way you're talking about street fighting Nate. Bro, you're not gonna beat Nate Diaz in a street fight... Bradley, you gotta be humbled... I will invite you to Puerto Rico to spar with me to be humbled... I will f**king humble your a**."

Catch Logan Paul's comments about Martyn below:

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