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Receptra Naturals' Lane Radbill on CBD benefits and working with top athletes

05 Feb 2019, 13:06 IST

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Sports and CBD are a clear match for Receptra Naturals. Many of the people on its executive staff are former athletes who have experienced the benefits of CBD for sports recovery firsthand, as injuries and aches are commonplace across all athletics.

Medical and scientific research has increasingly shown negative side effects and addictions associated with the use of prescription pain medication. Organic pure hemp CBD provides a natural way to cope with the mental and physical discomfort associated with physical exercise and competition. In turn, anyone who desires optimal athletic performances can undeniably benefit from Receptra Naturals CBD.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Lane Radbill about the past, present and future of Receptra Naturals. Radbill also told me about some of the athletes who currently work with Receptra, which can be visited online at

When did you first become aware of CBDs being helpful to athletes?

Lane Radbill: A few years ago, I directed a project called “When the Bright Lights Fade,” which was designed to raise money to support the research into how CBD could potentially reduce the chances of athletes contracting the disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CBD is patented by the U.S. government as a neuroprotectant, and CTE is the result of repetitive traumatic brain injury -- so we thought that athletes could at least use CBD to protect their brains and any subsequent complications that come from brain injury.

From this project -- which successfully raised $100,000 USD to support the research efforts -- we evolved the message and application to include daily maintenance and recovery for athletes. CBD is also patented as an antioxidant, and we know that antioxidants help fight off the toxins that cause inflammation and the subsequent host of health complications that come with it.

I am fortunate enough to have a robust network of former and current professional athletes as friends, so it was easy to share Receptra Naturals products with them to get feedback on the preventative qualities of our products. Almost immediately, we found that the athletes were experiencing shorter recovery times from training and injuries, they were feeling more energetic and focused, and the best part -- they started to find that CBD was an alternative to the prescription pain medications that are so prevalent in the locker rooms.

And when did you start to notice that it was no longer taboo to be talking about CBDs or edibles in a public forum?


Lane Radbill: That’s a funny question, because I’ve always been a vocal activist about healthy, safe, and responsible cannabis use—so for me it’s never been taboo. But for the general public, I think the paradigm shift occurred a couple years ago when we helped athletes voice their opinions about CBD and medical cannabis use.

Musicians and actors have long been associated with cannabis use, but from my point of view, it wasn’t until pro athletes spoke out about their use of CBD and cannabis that the public started to change their opinion.

We’ve long associated cannabis use of any kind with the whole “stoner scene,” but when pro athletes started to use their platforms to talk about the benefits that CBD and cannabis provide them, I think the public started to ask themselves, "How can these men and women win championships, MVP honors, etc. when they are using cannabis?" I don’t care how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, the answer is CBD and cannabis -- when used responsibly -- can improve athletic performance and recovery.

Is there something about the materials of Receptra's products that make them better than other companies' offerings?

Lane Radbill: At Receptra, we use 100 percent organic growing practices on our family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. Every ingredient in our products is natural and organic and designed to complement or enhance the beneficial properties of CBD. One very unique aspect of our products is that we use 7 variations of our origin cultivar to create our proprietary CBD oil. This allows us to provide a “Full Spectrum-Full Spectrum,” meaning there are 7 slightly different genetic profiles present in our products, which increases the chances that our products will work for each individual’s needs.

Another way to look at this, some people report using other CBD brands that have only one genetic profile present in their formula and that they experienced no results. Then they use Receptra, and find that they experience the benefits of CBD that they’ve read about in publications like yours.

This isn’t to say that Receptra’s CBD is any better than the other brands’ -- though it is -- it just serves to illustrate that each of our genetic makeups is different, and it is important to create products that give the consumer the best opportunity to experience the results they desire.

Are there any athletes or teams that you are allowed to talk about working with?

Lane Radbill: We work with athletes from a variety of sports. We have a robust MMA sponsorship program that includes UFC Hall Of Famer Bas Rutten, UFC top 5 heavyweight Curtis Blaydes, UFC contender Randa Markos, and former UFC fighter Nathan Quarry. Additionally, we’ve worked with current and former NFL players including Jim McMahon, Jake Plummer, Reuben Droughns, and Charlie Adams. We’ve worked with former NHL players Riley Cote and Scott Parker. We are currently developing our extreme sports program which includes pro skaters Daniel Lutheran, Alec Majerus, Dane Burman, and JS Lapierre.

Working with athletes aside, do you have a favorite sports team?

Lane Radbill: I lived in Spain for 4 years when I was in college, and became a diehard Real Madrid fan. It is a goal of mine to introduce Receptra CBD to the soccer world. But on the domestic front, I am an unfortunate -- but optimistic -- fan of the New York Knicks and Denver Broncos.

What was the last live sporting event that you attended?

Lane Radbill: I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend UFC 232 at the [Los Angeles] Forum in Los Angeles. I wasn’t planning to attend, but when Nevada wouldn’t let Jon Jones fight in Las Vegas, and Dana White moved it to the Forum, I had some friends who wanted to go and we grabbed last minute tickets to the fight.

I was glad to see Jones win, but now his next scheduled fight is with a friend of mine, Anthony Smith, so I think I am going to have to change teams for this upcoming bout.

Finally, what do you wish more people knew about Receptra Naturals?

Lane Radbill: I hope that people understand that Receptra stands for more than just CBD products. We are dedicated to being socially responsible in both our business and cultivation practices. We recently launched the Receptra Gives program. This program is our way of giving back to the communities we have the privilege of serving.

For each purchase of our products, we are donating the cost of planting one tree through the Trees For The Future non-profit program. Additionally, portions of our pet product sales are being sent to animal shelters in California to provide relief resources for pets that were displaced during the wildfires.

Finally, I would like people to consider us a safe and credible resource to consult during their journey with CBD. We provide objective information about CBD and the cannabis industry and always strive to be clear and transparent with the information we provide about our company and products... Whether you are looking to improve your active language through improvements to your health and wellness, or if you are trying to improve your health and wellness through a more robust active lifestyle, Receptra Naturals has the answer for you.

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