Top 5 MMA films that you should watch now

[Left: Bloodsport, Right: Warrior]
[Left: Bloodsport, Right: Warrior]

#2. Warrior


From an acting perspective, Warrior is head and shoulders above other MMA films that were usually released straight-to-DVD. The film features an award-winning cast including Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte. Warrior combines great storytelling that has a plot focusing on MMA, while also tackling many issues including alcoholism and forgiveness.

Stills of Tom Hardy in WARRIOR (2011)

Warrior is an excellent film that follows the journey of two estranged brothers competing in an MMA tournament called Sparta. Both brothers overcame their fair share of adversity in both their fights and personal lives. What makes this film interesting is that the brothers end up fighting each other in the finals.

The dramatic tone separates Warrior from other MMA films and provides a blueprint for future MMA films. For decades, boxing has been the default combat sports film. However, Warrior proves that MMA films could achieve the same level of critical acclaim as films like Rocky.

#1. MMA film to watch again is Bloodsport

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[Social media: @KFMovieGuide - Twitter]

It would be hard to come up with a top 5 list and not include the 1988 cult classic Bloodsport. The film stars Jean Claude Van Damme, who plays the role of Frank Dux, as he competes in the Kumite. Dux travels to Hong Kong and competes in the Kumite tournament to honor his sensei, Senzo Tanaka.


It could be argued that the Kumite both influenced and provided a blueprint for the inaugural UFC event. The tournament featured many martial artists of all shapes and sizes setting out to prove their fighting style was best.

Before Dux competed in the Kumite, he first had to prove that he was trained by Senzo Tanaka. Dux was asked to demonstrate the Dim Mak, which is known as the death touch.

After the impressive demonstration, Dux's invitation is honored and he then has a memorable exchange with Chong Li:

"Very good. But brick not hit back," Chong Li says.

Chong Li, played by Bolo Yeung, is dominant throughout the Kumite, which lives up to being no-holds barred. The film does an excellent job in making Li an unstoppable force and dangerous villain. Li breaks an opponent’s leg, hospitalizes an opponent, and even kills a foe en-route to the finals against Dux.

By no means does Bloodsport feature Academy Award caliber acting. But it does have everything you want to see in a martial arts movie. Bloodsport is an entertaining film that features a solid soundtrack and a great climactic fight scene between Frank Dux and Chong Li.

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