UFC 243 Results: Incredible knockout in the main event, undefeated fighter loses

Modified 07 Oct 2019
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#2 Luke Jumeau vs Dhiego Lima (Welterweight)

Jumeau vs. Lima.
Jumeau vs. Lima.

Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Luke Jumeau had finished 9 of his 13 wins before this fight. His opponent, former TUF contestant Dhiego Lima came into the fight to improve on his two-fight win streak. This one looked interesting on paper.

Round 1: Lima looked more mobile on his feet in the early stages. Lima went for a body punch. Jumeau connected with a solid outside body kick.

Lima also went for the leg kick. Jumeau went for the high kick and level changed for a punch but Lima saw it coming and countered with a right, extending for a lead right. He briefly shifted stance before going back to orthodox before he produced a stiff outside leg kick. He stepped in for a left jab. Lima felt some discomfort after an unintentional eye poke which brought in the doctor for a checkup.

The fight resumed and the crowd popped. It was a slow-paced round with not much offence from both men. Lima worked towards wearing down Jumeau's lead leg, with the latter's right leg already swollen as a result of Lima's whippy low leg kicks.

The round came to an end with Lima swinging for another outside low leg kick.

Round 2: Lima amped up the pressure as he put Jumeau off balance with a big low leg kick. Lima controlled the fight and his positions.

Jumeau's corner directed him to push forward and he did the same while looking really uncomfortable. Jumeau took some risk and had Lima reeling for a moment with a good three-piece combo. Lima survived an onslaught, ducked under a strike and took Jumeau down. He kept Jumeau down until the end of the round as the latter's left leg looked absolutely wrecked.

Round 3: Lima fired off a low leg kick to begin the final round and produced another leg kick, which was countred by Jumeau with a quick right.

Lima didn't stop with the leg kicks. The damage had been done as Jumeau was having problems moving around. Lima faked a body punch to go up top for a straight right.

Jumeau figured that he needed to do something to get the fight in his favour. He pressed and tried to get a body kick as Lima tried to keep his distance. He engaged in a body lock and looked to see off the round but his job was done. All Lima had to do now was to not get knocked out. Jumeau landed a good combination, however, Lima answered with a nice 1-2 of his own that pushed Jumeau back.

Lima soon struck with a good follow-up uppercut and avoided a wild right from Jumeau and attempted the single leg. Jumeau showed great balance to stuff the takedown and with 30 seconds to go, Lima remained cautious while Jumeau showed no urgency. Jumeau didn't pull the trigger and the fight came to an end.

Result: Dhiego Lima def. Luke Jumeau via split decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Split decision? The judge who scored the fight in favour of Jumeau was certainly watching another bout. Lima put on a professional performance by restricting Jumeau's mobility with the leg kicks. He landed takedowns and kept the distance at opportune moments. It may not have been the prettiest of fights to watch but it was a smart win in the book for Lima.

Published 06 Oct 2019
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