UFC 251: What happens when you simulate Jessica Andrade vs Rose Namajunas on UFC 3

UFC 251: Andrade vs Namajunas
UFC 251: Andrade vs Namajunas

UFC 251, also dubbed as UFC Fight Island is scheduled for 12th July 2020. As of now, five fights have been announced for the Main Card, one of them being the Strawweight bout between Jessica Andrade vs Rose Namajunas.

So we decided to have a little fun and simulate the match on the UFC 3 video game on Xbox One to see if the results of the simulated match is the same as that of the actual one. The match was simulated at the Legendary difficulty level.

Before getting to the simulated match let us have a look at the Tale of the Tape. Former UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas (9-4-0) has a height and reach advantage over Jessica Andrade (20-7-0). Namajunas is 1.65 meters tall compared to Andrade who is 1.55 meters tall. Namajunas has a reach of 165.1 cm and Andrade 157.5 cm. Andrade, 28 is a year older than Namajunas (27).

A preview of UFC 251 on UFC 3

Tale of the Tape done, now as Bruce Buffer says "It's Time". Fighting out of the red corner is former UFC strawweight queen Jessica Andrade and out of the blue corner is Rose Namajunas. This was a three 5 minute round bout.

Round One began with the touch of gloves. Andrade started the round with a punch followed by a kick. Namajunas responded with 4 strikes of her own. Andrade then tried for a takedown but was blocked by Namajunas. Namajunas responded with two kicks to the legs which led to Andrade falling off the ground. But she quickly recovered and took down Namajunas went on half guard and landed 5-6 punches on her. The last few seconds of Round One saw Namajunas reversing and landing a few punches of her own.

Round Two began with both the competitors exchanging punches and kicks. Andrade again went for the takedown but was blocked and Namajunas followed it with a kick and a punch to the face. This was again followed by a series of punches and kicks by both the women. Finally, after a kick to the abdomen and a punch to the face, Andrade took down Namajunas and immediately went for submission by a choke. Namajunas tapped out.

Jessica Andrade won via submission in 2 minutes and 52 seconds into round two.

Though all the strikes could not be captured in the above paragraphs a summary of the same can give the readers an idea about how the match went. Andrade landed 29 strikes out of the 48 attempted and Namajunas 26 of the 43 attempted out of which 11 strikes from Andrade and 12 strikes from Namajunas was considered as significant strikes. Andrade had two successful takedowns out of the three attempted compared to none from one attempt by Namajunas.

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Edited by Anurag Mitra
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