UFC Copenhagen News: Controversy surrounding referee decisions on main card

Nicolas Dalby
Nicolas Dalby

The first fight on the main card on UFC Copenhagen saw Nicolas Dalby take on Alex Oliveira in front of an extremely fired-up crowd.

Dalby was the heavy favorite, but there were problems throughout the fight when it came to the referee. The referee did not seem to know what he was doing and made several mistakes throughout the fight, alongside quite a few questionable calls.

Referee causes controversy and uproar

The first time that an issue was spotted was in the first round when Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira turned away from his opponent saying that he had been poked in the eye by Dalby when he had his eye outstretched.

However, a fighter is not allowed to take a time out in the middle of a fight like that, as it is the referee who has to make the call. The referee supported the decision and it looked as if he was being controlled by the fighter... but that was not the last time that happened.

It continued later in the second round when Dalby had Alex Oliveira down on the ground and was trying to attack. For some reason without any sort of indication from anyone else, the referee stopped the fight and stood them up. He did not even let them start from the same position, thereby giving away the advantage Dalby had.

It was made even worse when Alex Oliveira was on top of Dalby in the third round, where the referee stood them up again, as if trying to make up for one mistake with another, but unfortunately things do not work that way in the Octagon.

The commentators were furious, as were the crowd and the fans. The fight was still an incredible show by both fighters.

Thankfully, Dalby was still the one to end up with the win at the end of the night. Dalby added to the talking points of the fight, by calling out Mike Perry.

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