UFC Fight Night 143 News: Greg Hardy admits fault in UFC disqualification

Hardy will not be living down that knee anytime soon!
Hardy will not be living down that knee anytime soon!

What's the story?

UFC Fight Night 143: Cejudo vs Dillashaw saw Greg Hardy make his debut in the UFC, but it was not the sort of debut that he was hoping for. In fact, he was not able to make use of the opportunity to put his past behind him and instead garnered even more negative attention due to the way his fight ended.

Hardy saw a loss in his first fight via Disqualification, as he was not able to pick up the win and gave in to frustration. In the post-fight interview, Hardy admitted his fault.

In case you didn't know...

Greg Hardy had seemingly started his fight well, as he came out hard and fast swinging, trying to take out Allen Crowder. His shots were seemingly lethal, but Crowder not only survived, but he also gave back Hardy some of his own medicine as well, as he hit him with multiple amazing shots and tired him out on the mat after taking him down for the first time.

However, in the second round, Crowder came out swinging after riling up Hardy trash talking him with his hands down. Hardy seemingly lost control and when Crowder was on his knees hit him with an illegal knee to the temple.

The knee that shook the world!
The knee that shook the world!

Crowder was not able to continue, and the referee disqualified Hardy.

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The heart of the matter

Once the fight was over, in the post-fight interview, Hardy was asked about the knee. He addressed the issue and admitted that he had the fault in the encounter.

Hardy said that he was sure that the knee had been coming off the ground and that he was trying to time his own knee. He said that he 'messed' up despite being sure that it had been the right thing to do at the time.

While this seems believable that he thought the knee was coming up for Crowder, Crowder actually had both knees on the ground making it an even worse situation.

What's next?

Greg Hardy may have tarnished his reputation forever, with an illegal knee in his debut fight in the UFC. Seeing how this went down, and his past with domestic abuse, it will take a lot for him to be able to live this down.

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