UFC Fight Night 143 Results: Ridiculous illegal knee sees Greg Hardy disqualified in UFC debut

Why did you do it, Hardy?
Why did you do it, Hardy?

What's the story?

UFC Fight Night 143: Cejudo vs Dillashaw could never have been more important for one, Greg Hardy. Making his debut in the biggest fight promotion in the world, if there is one thing that Greg Hardy needed, it was a win in his first fight.

However, by the time his fight was over, Greg Hardy had committed a grievous error forever tarnishing his legacy in the UFC due to the way in which his fight ended. Not only did he lose, but he was also disqualified by the referee.

In case you didn't know...

Greg Hardy has had his share of critics, and his controversial past is one which has seen his debut be one of the most debated debuts in the history of the UFC. Due to his history of domestic violence, the UFC fans were highly distraught and angered when they found that he would be sharing a card with Rachel Ostovich.

Ostovich had her own past of domestic violence and was abused and hospitalized for it. She almost could not make her fight against VanZant, but thankfully she was cleared to fight despite having broken her Orbital bone in the incident.

The heart of the matter

Greg Hardy started off well enough, but after a while, Allen Crowder seemed to get what his opposing number was about and was able to tire him out and pull him into the second round.

In the second round, Crowder riled up Hardy as he trash-talked Hardy and came out swinging much to the pleasure of the crowd. Unfortunately, Hardy was extremely frustrated, and after stopping Crowder with defense, he hit him with an illegal hard knee to the temple when Crowder had both his knees on the ground.

The knee that saw the fight end
The knee that saw the fight end

The illegal knee saw the referee call a stop to the fight when Crowder could not continue, and that was it for Hardy.

The fight was awarded to Crowder as Hardy was disqualified.

What's next?

Greg Hardy may have irreparably damaged his UFC legacy and given his past, he might not be able to recover from this with the UFC fans. Allen Crowder can be proud of taking him to the second round, but this is not the way he would have wanted to win the fight either.

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