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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a dynamic and exhilarating combat sport that combines various martial arts disciplines into a single, intense competition. Fighters in MMA showcase their skills and techniques from a wide range of martial arts, such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and judo. The sport emphasizes versatility and adaptability, as fighters must be proficient in both striking and grappling to succeed. MMA matches take place inside a caged or roped octagon, where fighters utilize a blend of punches, kicks, elbows, knees, takedowns, and submissions to defeat their opponents.

MMA has seen a surge in popularity over the years, thanks in large part to the success of various leading promotions. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is undoubtedly the most prominent and influential MMA organization globally. Other popular MMA promotions include ONE FC, Bellator, PFL, and Invicta FC.

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor
UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

UFC Results

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill

May 20, 2023

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill
UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill

Main Card

Weight ClassFightMethodRoundTimeResult
Women's StrawweightMackenzie Dern vs. Angela HillDecision (unanimous)55:00Mackenzie Dern def. Angela Hill
MiddleweightEdmen Shahbazyan vs. Anthony HernandezTKO (elbows and punches)31:01Anthony Hernandez def. Edmen Shahbazyan
Catchweight (120 lb)Emily Ducote vs. Lupita GodinezDecision (unanimous)35:00Lupita Godinez def. Emily Ducote
WelterweightAndré Fialho vs. Joaquin BuckleyTKO (head kick)24:15Joaquin Buckley def. André Fialho
LightweightCarlos Diego Ferreira vs. Michael JohnsonKO (punch)21:50Carlos Diego Ferreira def. Michael Johnson

Preliminary Card

Weight ClassFightMethodRoundTimeResult
LightweightViacheslav Borschev vs. Hayisaer MaheshateTKO (punches)22:37Viacheslav Borschev def. Hayisaer Maheshate
Catchweight (117.5 lb)Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Vanessa DemopoulosDecision (unanimous)35:00Karolina Kowalkiewicz def. Vanessa Demopoulos
Catchweight (172.5 lb)Gilbert Urbina vs. Orion CosceTKO (front kick and knees)22:55Gilbert Urbina def. Orion Cosce
HeavyweightRodrigo Nascimento vs. Ilir LatifiDecision (split)35:00Rodrigo Nascimento def. Ilir Latifi
LightweightChase Hooper vs. Nick FioreDecision (unanimous)35:00Chase Hooper def. Nick Fiore
Women's FlyweightNatália Silva vs. Victoria LeonardoTKO (punches and head kick)12:58Natália Silva vs. Victoria Leonardo
WelterweightThemba Gorimbo vs. Takashi SatoDecision (unanimous)35:00Themba Gorimbo def. Takashi Sato

ONE FC Results

ONE Friday Fights 17

May 19, 2023

ONE Friday Fights 17
[Image: ONE FC]

Fight Card

Weight ClassResultMethodRound​​Time
Catchweight (132 lbs) Muay ThaiKongthoranee Sor.Sommai def. ET Tded99Decision (majority)33:00
Flyweight Muay ThaiYodduangjai Sor.Jor.Montree def. Dentungtong Singha MawynnDecision (unanimous)33:00
W.Atomweight Muay ThaiPhetjeeja Lukjaoporongtom def. Inès PiluttiTKO (punches)12:50
Catchweight (139 lbs) Muay ThaiParuehatnoi TBM Gym def. Sonrak Sit Por.Jor.Wor.Decision (unanimous)33:00
Catchweight (133 lbs) Muay ThaiSamurai Seeopal def. Petkuntung YaicheyseafoodKO (punch)11:34
Flyweight Muay ThaiSulaiman Looksuan def. Petake Sor.ThepparatTKO (punches)20:20
Catchweight (147 lbs) Muay ThaiYodphupa Wimanair def. Andrey KhromovKO (punches)21:30
Strawweight KickboxingHuo Xiaolong def. Ali SerikKO (body kick)11:04
Catchweight (140 lbs) Muay ThaiNumpangna Eaglemuaythai def. Ali-Khan ErgeshovTKO (leg kicks)31:23
Flyweight KickboxingTemirlan Bekmurzaev def. Lương Thành PhúcTKO (body kick)22:25
MiddleweightMagomedmurad Khasaev def. Arash MardaniKO (head kick)14:25
FlyweightMoris Boleyan def. Felipe SilvaSubmission (rear-naked choke)14:25

PFL Results


April 14, 2023

PFL 3 [Image: DAZN]

Main Card

Weight ClassResultMethodRound​​Time
LightweightNatan Schulte def. Stevie RayDecision (unanimous)35:00
LightweightOlivier Aubin-Mercier def. Shane BurgosDecision (unanimous) 35:00
LightweightClay Collard def. Yamato NishikawaDecision (unanimous) 35:00
HeavyweightDenis Goltsov def. Cezar FerreiraKO (punches)12:07
WelterweightCarlos Leal def. David ZawadaTKO (punches)12:25
WelterweightMagomed Umalatov def. Dilano TaylorKO (punches)11:31

Postliminary Card

Weight ClassResultMethodRound​​Time
WelterweightSadibou Sy def. Jarrah Al-SilawiTKO (knee to the body and punches)21:14
WelterweightMagomed Magomedkerimov def. Ben EgliTKO (head kick)11:03
LightweightRaush Manfio def. Alexander MartinezDecision (unanimous) 35:00
WelterweightNayib Lopez def. Shane MitchellDecision (unanimous) 35:00
LightweightBruno Miranda def. Ahmed AmirDecision (unanimous)35:00
WelterweightZach Juusola def. Brandon JenkinsDecision (unanimous)35:00

Bellator Results

Bellator 296

May 12, 2023

Bellator 296
Bellator 296 [Image: Bellator MMA]

Main Card

Weight ClassResultMethodRound​​Time
MiddleweightFabian Edwards def. Gegard MousasiDecision (unanimous)55:00
LightweightBrent Primus def. Mansour BarnaouiDecision (unanimous)55:00
MiddleweightDouglas Lima def. Costello Van SteenisDecision (unanimous) 35:00
LightweightThibault Gouti def. Kane MousahKO (punch)23:58

Preliminary Card

Weight ClassResultMethodRound​​Time
Women's FlyweightDenise Kielholtz def. Paula CristinaDecision (unanimous) 35:00
WelterweightLuca Poclit def. Oliver EnkampDecision (unanimous) 35:00
LightweightSaul Rogers vs. Davy GallonNo Contest (overturned)12:12
FeatherweightYves Landu def. Piotr NiedzielskiDecision (unanimous)35:00
Catchweight (141 lb)Sarvarjon Khamidov def. Kevin PetshiSubmission (rear-naked choke)31:33
LightweightTim Wilde def. Chris GonzalezDecision (unanimous)35:00
FeatherweightFabacary Diatta def. Keir HarvieDecision (unanimous)35:00
Catchweight (150 lb)Asaël Adjoudj def. Georges SasuDecision (unanimous)35:00
WelterweightRomain Debienne def. Bourama CamaraKO (punches)21:04
Light HeavyweightJosé Augusto def. Simon BiyongDecision (unanimous) 35:00

BKFC Results


May 12, 2023


Main Card

Tony Soto def. Tyler GoodjohnDecision52:00
Doug Coltrane def. Blake LaCazeKO20:34
Keith Richardson def. Cody JenkinsKO11:41
Sydney Smith def. Andy NguyenDecision52:00
Brandon Allen def. Trevor LokenKO11:29
Brandon Bushaw vs. Rick CarusoNo Contest2N/A
Dustin Pague def. Wade JohnsonTKO21:32
Trukon Carson def. LJ HermreckTKO11:16
Cole Ferrell def. Cody SchieveTKO20:44

Preliminary Card

Jonathan Miller def. Dustin LongTKO22:00
Ace Samples def. Glendel FutrellTKO32:00
John Barnard def. Josh MarerTKO12:00

Invicta FC Results

Invicta 53

May 3, 2023

INVICTA FC 53 [Image: Invicta FC]

Fight Card

Weight ClassResultMethodRound​​Time
AtomweightRayanne dos Santos def. Jillian DeCoursey(c)Decision (unanimous) 55:00
BantamweightOlga Rubin def. Claire GuthrieSubmission (buggy choke)24:23
StrawweightJéssica Delboni def. Danielle TaylorDecision (unanimous) 35:00
AtomweightMonique Adriane def. Nicole GerardoDecision (unanimous) 35:00
FlyweightElise Pone def. Liana PirosinDecision (unanimous)35:00
AtomweightElisandra Ferreira def. Flor HernandezDecision (unanimous)35:00
FlyweightKy Bennett def. Kendal HolowellTKO (punches)24:04

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Q. What is MMA?

A. MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a full-contact combat sport that incorporates various striking and grappling techniques from different martial arts disciplines.

Q. What are the different weight classes in MMA?

A. MMA typically follows a weight-class system, which includes divisions such as flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight.

Q. How are MMA fights scored?

A. MMA fights are typically scored based on effective striking, grappling, aggression, and octagon control. Judges assign scores for each round, and the fighter with the higher score at the end of the match wins

Q: Who are some of the greatest MMA fighters of all time?

A: There are numerous legendary MMA fighters, but some widely recognized names include Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, Conor McGregor, Amanda Nunes, and Ronda Rousey, among others.