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UFC Hall Of Fame: 5 Michael Bisping fights which epitomize the UFC Fighter's career

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Michael Bisping - A Career In UFC
Michael Bisping - A Career In UFC

Michael Bisping is truly one of the greatest UFC fighters to ever enter the Octagon.

Bisping's achievements in the Octagon were recognised by UFC, who announced that Michael Bisping will be headlining the UFC Hall of Fame Class of 2019 this Summer. The induction ceremony is set to take place in July of this year.

Dana White released a statement, where he praised Bisping and talked about how he deserved his place in the Hall of Fame for his contribution to Mixed Martial Arts.

“It’s hard to have the level of talent needed to compete in UFC for any amount of time, but Michael Bisping was able to have an 11-year career where he became a world champion and won The Ultimate Fighter, not many people can say that. He also came back and coached The Ultimate Fighter and is now one of the best analysts on our broadcast team. Michael has been a huge part of not only building our brand, but also the sport of mixed martial arts. He absolutely deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. Congratulations.” - Dana White

The former fighter retired late last year in December of 2018. Bisping was the first-ever British UFC Champion when he won the Middleweight Championship in 2016.

The UFC fighter is especially considered to be one of the best to enter the Octagon, for fighting in the last few years of his career while he could hardly see anything out of his right eye. The injury had come during Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort's fight, where Belfort hit Bisping with a vicious left high kick which damaged his retina.

Bisping has had a long and celebrated career in the UFC. Here are 5 fights which epitomize his career.

#5 Michael Bisping vs Jorge Rivera - UFC 127

Michael Bisping was not the one Rivera wanted to insult
Michael Bisping was not the one Rivera wanted to insult

Michael Bisping's UFC 127 fight against Jorge Rivera is not one that people think of when mentioning Bisping's best fights. It had no noticeable effect on his career trajectory.

However, this fight is on this list for a reason. When Michael Bisping faced Jorge Rivera, it was an extremely personal fight. There was rage and there was a reason for this fight.

In the lead up to the fight, Jorge Rivera had made the mistake of uploading videos on YouTube where he mocked Michael Bisping and went so far as to insult his family. When the two met in the co-main event of UFC 127, it was all about Bisping. He dominated the fight and made Rivera regret.

There was a point deducted for an accidental illegal knee, but that did not matter. At 1 minute and 54 seconds of the 2nd round, the fight came to an end via TKO, as Bisping got the win over Rivera.

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