UFC Moscow News: Anthony Rocco Martin dedicates fight to his wife after an inspiring win

Ramazan Emeev vs Anthony Rocco Martin
Ramazan Emeev vs Anthony Rocco Martin

As UFC Moscow kicked off, on the very second fight of the main card, Anthony Rocco Martin took on none other than Ramazan Emeev. The fight saw Rocco Martin dominating most of the fight, with Emeev having to back away from extremely vicious leg kicks to the calf as well as submission attempts.

Anthony Rocco Martin was able to get the win and dedicated the fight to his wife, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer, in an extremely emotional post-fight speech.

Background of Anthony Rocco Martin and Ramazan Emeev

For Rocco Martin, the fight is critical. After a four-fight win streak, his run came to an end when he came face to face with Demian Maia. Maia was able to hand him the defeat that no one else could apparently hand him.

Now, coming into this fight on the back of a loss, Martin was anxious to put on the best impression possible and get a convincing move so that he could pick up where he left off.

On the other hand, Ramazan Emeev had a 7-fight winning streak in MMA, while he has 3 back-to-back wins in the UFC. He headed into the fight with one single goal in his mind, and that was to take out his opponent so that he could put on the performance of his life and climb the ranks up the ladder.

What happened at UFC Moscow?

When the two took on each other on in the Octagon, it seemed simply a case of who could take advantage of the person opposite him. Soon enough, Anthony Rocco Martin managed to get in the Kimura, which after quite some wrestling, Emeev was able to escape.

Martin managed to get a Guillotine locked in the second round of the fight, but Emeev got out anyway. In the second round, the damage to Emeev's left calf was evident, with it looking like he had grown another calf in that time.

The focus was on that leg for the most part for Martin, as the fight came to an end. Emeev got some counters in, but the fight was Martin's.

In the end, the decision was obvious and Anthony Rocco Martin was able to come away with the win via Unanimous Decision.

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