UFC News: Jeremy Stephens gets into an altercation with Yair Rodriguez at hotel in Mexico City

  • The controversy at Mexico City didn't end inside the Octagon!
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Modified 25 Sep 2019, 11:12 IST

Jeremy Stephens after a bad eye poke
Jeremy Stephens after a bad eye poke

By now, you probably know about the controversy surrounding the main event of UFC Fight Night: Mexico City. Hometown fighter Yair Rodriguez was set to face off against Featherweight contender Jeremy Stephens, but seconds into the fight, Rodriguez poked Stephens' eye and the bout was canceled immediately after Stephens was unable to see.

However, in an interview with ESPN, Stephens revealed that he got into a bit of an altercation with Yair Rodriguez later at their hotel.

What happened at the hotel in Mexico City?

Jeremy Stephens spoke to ESPN and revealed small details about his altercation with Yair Rodriguez at the hotel. He said:

“I thought he was trying to be a gentleman. I get it. And he starts talking (expletive) to me. I was like, ‘Bro, I’m not from a karate school. I’m from the street. I’m here to fight. I’m here to kill you.’ Right away, my mentality is ‘back the f**k up’. So, I shoved him.”

ESPN followed up with Rodriguez for a statement and he responded without really denying it, saying:

“He pushed me like a little (expletive), and I just told him, you will live the rest of your life with that in your head … if you could continue and didn’t.”

Things have certainly gotten interesting, but if you're wondering when they'll have a rematch, Jeremy Stephens offered three possible dates in the near future

Jeremy Stephens lays out the dates for a rematch

Stephens revealed one date from October to December where they can have a rematch. For Stephens, it will either be at UFC on ESPN 6 at Boston (Oct. 18), UFC 242 at New York (Nov. 2), or UFC on ESPN 7 at Washington D.C. (Dec. 7) as possible dates to run it back against Rodriguez.

One thing is for sure - this rematch is going to generate a whole lot of buzz!


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Published 24 Sep 2019, 10:46 IST
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