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UFC News: Jorge Masvidal's manager opens up on chances of a fight against Conor McGregor

Anwesha Nag
Published Jan 03, 2020
Jan 03, 2020 IST

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

Jorge Masvidal had terrific year in 2019 with three memorable wins, including setting the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history.

His five-second KO of Ben Askren will go down in history, and so will his battle for the BMF title belt with Nate Diaz. With that in the past, Masvidal's manager Abe Kawa opened up about the fighter's plans for the next year and how Conor McGregor fits into what 'Gamebred' charts for himself in 2020 in an interview with

If Conor wins...

Conor McGregor will be making his much awaited return to the Octagon on January 18 against Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone. Speaking for Masvidal, Kawa said that he is in a good position financially, especially after the BMF fight with Diaz. But when it comes to picking fights, Kawa believes Masvidal would still go for the biggest prizes that he can get.

Whether McGregor will be a part of that or not will be decided by the result of his fight with 'Cowboy' in Las Vegas.

"... I would think that, just based what’s out there right now, we’ve got to wait to see if Conor [McGregor] wins. If Conor wins, I think that’s a fight that would be interesting."

Kawa is pretty positive that the fight at UFC 246 will be every bit as exciting as it is billed to be, mostly because McGregor has never been in a 'terrible' fight. And if that happens, a fight between Masvidal and McGregor becomes a 'no-brainer' call, in Kawa's words. 

"I’m more curious to see what Conor’s body looks like at 170 over anything else because, let’s face it, if Conor goes up to fight ‘Cowboy’ and it’s a terrible fight — and I don’t foresee that happening at all, Conor’s never been in a terrible fight — but if it is a terrible fight, would Conor really be what we want next? I don’t know. If Conor goes out there and does what Conor does than I think that’s a no-brainer. If Conor loses, that’s where I think things get interesting."
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