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Ben Askren


Ben Askren, nicknamed Funky, is one of the top fighters in the world who ruled the roost in One

Championship FC and Bellator MMA, and is now about to make his debut in the UFC. An immensely

controversial personality, Ben Askren is known for being outspoken and telling people exactly what

he thinks of them.

Early Life and beginning of career

Before entering the world of Combat Sports, Ben Askren was a collegiate wrestler, where he

achieved a massive amount of success. He was so good that he was able to go to the 2008 Summer

Olympics, but failed to win a medal. He won several recognitions and awards for his performances in

the field of wrestling. Following the Olympics, he entered the world of MMA and fought and won 3

fights before joining Bellator MMA.

Bellator and One Championship

After joining Bellator, over the course of the next four years, he participated in 9 fights altogether

which helped him to reach the next level as he won the Bellator Welterweight Championship. He

never lost the title, and instead vacated it, when he left the company to join One Championship in

2013. He fought in One Championship without losing a single fight, continuing his undefeated streak,

as he does not have a single loss on his record. During his run, he won the One Welterweight

Championship and vacated it when he left the company.

UFC Career

Ben Askren was traded for Demetrious Johnson in late-2018, with Demetrious Johnson heading to

One FC while Askren came to UFC. This sparked all sorts of conversations, including a rumour which

is yet to die down, about UFC possibly shutting down their Flyweight Division. He was supposed to

face Robbie Lawler at UFC 233, but after the event was cancelled, their fight was shifted to UFC 235


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