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UFC News: McGregor slapped with a 'welfare money' insult by Alvarez. And it worked!

Adithya Pai
872   //    12 Nov 2016, 14:34 IST
The Staredown

Leading up to what could very well be the biggest fight in the history of the game, Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez haven’t missed an opportunity to take a shot at each other yet.

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The smart trash talker in The Notorious one was slammed for the first time with a ‘welfare insult’ by the American, Alvarez, in an interview with Fox Sports. The insult was directed towards Conor McGregor’s troubled times as a struggling MMA fighter, McGregor was enlisted as a welfare recipient even in 2013, before he made his UFC debut. 

During the interview, McGregor was talking about his value to the UFC, proudly boasting about the pay-per-view records that he has been creating. 

“Speak the truth (Eddie),” McGregor said. “You saw the documents that (former UFC owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta) put together to give to the new owners … 75 per cent of the earning power is me. That’s in writing.

Let’s call a spade a spade here,” McGregor said of his stardom.  “You’re talking 150,000 buys (without me). With me you’re talking two million buys” 

McGregor further went on to inform Alvarez:

“I’m the reason. It’s nobody else. UFC 202, UFC 196, 194, 189, all record breakers, all smashed previous records. Even this one, the gate, the attendance, of course the pay-per-view, what do you think that is about?  

There’s one common denominator and that’s me. You take me out and there’s 150,000 buys and that is fact. I ain’t bragging here, I’m just stating fact.”

But soon McGregor was cut by Alvarez, who stated:

“The fighters and the fights are what makes UFC great.”


What came next only hurt the Irishman to the core:

“You were on welfare brah. You ain’t no man, you took welfare.” 

McGregor was dumbstruck with these comments. He tried to interject but Alvarez continued:

“Don’t you talk about money. Don’t you talk about money. You took money from single moms. Single moms go on welfare, not men."

‘The Notorious one’ seemed to be out of words for the first time in his UFC career and couldn't conjure up a reply to the ice-cold insult by Alvarez. 

It looks like Alvarez has done a good job for himself meddling with McGregor’s mind. Here’s a video of the interaction:

Could he have gone a bit too far on the insults with the featherweight champion? How will Conor retaliate? With only one day away from the biggest fight in the history of MMA, we can only wait for the answers.

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