Video: When Jake Paul greeted Tyler Herro at Miami Heat game

Jake Paul (left), Tyler Herro (right) [Images courtesy of TobinShow on YouTube]
Jake Paul (left), Tyler Herro (right) [Images courtesy of TobinShow on YouTube]
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Jake Paul and Tyler Herro seemingly have a good relationship after the two greeted each other at a Miami Heat game.

The duo looked happy to see each other, even though Paul had been warned by the arena's security about his courtside antics.

Watch Herro greet Paul below:


In a post-match interview, the basketball player spoke about Paul and their friendship:

"I mean, Jake's cool and I was able to talk to him a little bit, I think he was out here celebrating his knockout. But it's always good to see people like that come support us as a team and coming to the arena is amazing."

Herro then went on to speak about Paul's boxing career and even stated that he's a supporter of the YouTuber:

"You know, I'm a fan of him [Jake Paul] and I hope he continues his boxing career and can do his thing."

Watch Tyler Herro speak about Paul here:


This isn't the first time Paul and an NBA player have crossed paths. The boxer knocked out Nate Robinson in one of his bouts.

The former professional basketball player faced the YouTuber in November 2020, but was knocked out in the second round. Jake Paul went on to beat two UFC stars in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, but is yet to confirm his next opponent.

Jake Paul issues open invite to NFL and NHL players after Glen Davis struggles to get opponent booked

Jake Paul recently took to Twitter to locate a new opponent for Glen Davis' boxing match.

Davis is a former professional basketball player who played for the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA.

Any NFL or NHL players willing to step in the ring with Big Baby?…

Paul was hoping to find any NFL or NHL players that would be willing to step into the ring with Davis.

Most Valuable Promotions was hoping to book former basketballer Larry Sanders, but future commitments stopped negotiations. Sanders played for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA and had to stop negotiations due to the Big3 basketball league.

The competition sees 12 teams of three compete against each other, with the rosters mainly filled with former NBA players.

Paul is seemingly trying to increase his reputation in the sport of boxing by enlisting bigger names from other sports to compete. Given the amount of attention the YouTuber attracts with his events, it seems to be working.

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