WWE/MMA News: Brock Lesnar talks about getting into a bar fight

Brock Lesnar laughs about his bar fight

Brock Lesnar is arguably one of the most dangerous heavyweight fighters in the UFC history, what with him capturing UFC Heavyweight Championship after transitioning into MMA from pro-wrestling. He has fought some of the baddest men on the planet in both industries, so logic dictates that there is almost no way that somebody would actually try to pick up a fight with him.

Or so you would think.

Recently, during an interview with Highly Questionable, he recalled an incident that had occurred in a bar that involved in a brawl.

“I just told this story not too long ago, to one of my friends. We were at a function. They’re called a street dance. In a rural area, they close off main streets of the town. There’s meals that are cooked on the street and bars are open, obviously. I remember one night I was at a function. Went to the bar, ordered a couple drinks, turned around, went to grab my drinks and another person grabbed them.”

“I was like, ‘Hey man, I think those are mine.’ He was like, ‘No.’, you know, kinda brushed me off. I just grabbed them from him, turned around and walked away. In the meantime, the bartender had handed him his drinks he proceeded to bust me over the head with them. That was a long time ago. Then things ended very quickly. Very quickly. Somebody went to sleep. It wasn’t me. Then the cops came, and I left.” Lesnar describes the incident, chuckling.


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