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WWE News: Brock Lesnar opens up about his UFC return

What does the Beast has to say?

Brock Lesnar
‘The Beast’ is ready to step inside the Octagon again

After the groundbreaking announcement of his UFC return, 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar sat down with his on screen advocate, Paul Heyman to discuss his return in the latest episode of 'Heyman Hustle'. Here are the highlights from the interview -

  • Lesnar says that he feels like he has nothing left to prove as he has accomplished so many things. He is 38 years old, yet he is working for WWE and now he is stepping back inside the UFC's octagon, this makes him feel very fortunate. He noted that not many people can do this, so he is one in a million. 
  • Lesnar says that he isn't here to prove anything or get himself compared to anyone else. According to him if he gets something from this then it's to extinguish all the bad feelings regarding his last match in UFC.
  • The former WWE Champion noted again that he is not doing this for fans, instead, he is doing this for his own self. Brock says that it's a good thing if fans are excited about his return, but (again) he is doing it for himself. 
  • Before ending the interview by saying that he feels excited about his return match he again noted that this is for him, doesn't matter if millions of fans are going watch his return bout. Although he said he appreciates fans' support. 

It's really hard to say if Lesnar was trying to maintain his on-screen WWE character during the interview, or it's his own thoughts when he proclaimed that he doesn't care about anyone else. Both ways it's going to be an epic moment to see the beast incarnate fighting again.

Brock Lesnar is scheduled to face Mark Hunt at the UFC 200 event, on July 9 in Las Vegas,

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