Formula E could become India’s ‘main motorsport event’, feels Dan Ticktum

Dan Ticktum at the Hyderabad ePrix in India. (Image courtesy: NIO333 team images)
Dan Ticktum at the Hyderabad ePrix in India. (Image courtesy: NIO333 team images)

Formula E driver Dan Ticktum feels the Hyderabad ePrix has the potential to become India’s main global motorsport event. The British driver enjoyed the first impressions of the track and the food in the region and is looking forward to more racing in India.

Asked by Sportskeeda about his first impressions of the Hyderabad event, Ticktum said:

“I think, you know obviously, F1 doesn't come here anymore so I think it would be good for FE to do a multi-year deal and then it becomes a big event in India to have FE in it. Becomes like the main motorsport event of the year. So it's good, yeah.”

With F1 departing after their last Indian GP in 2013, Ticktum believes Formula E has the potential to become one of the primary motorsport events in the country. The former Red Bull junior raved about the food and the track he was looking forward to driving on as he spoke to Sportskeeda ahead of the Hyderabad ePrix.

He further added:

“I'm enjoying it so far and I know everyone is going to say they like the food - I love it - especially us Brits, we like curry but this is proper curry here so it's good. The track, I have to say, looking at this morning, very good, I have to say. The tarmac looks very nice. The layout as well is good. Quite flowing, so I think in terms of one lap pace maybe similar to two weeks ago where we were quite strong in Saudi so I am hoping for a good qualifying.”

Formula E driver Dan Ticktum delighted with the circuit and the curry in Hyderabad

Dan Ticktum feels the Hyderabad circuit has immense potential to produce good racing, but at the same time, it can be very challenging. The Briton feels the track is a high-speed one and poses its own share of challenges, particularly in the first two turns. Raving about the food in Hyderabad, he was impressed by the availability of good curries all over town.

Speaking to Sportskeeda about the Hyderabad ePrix circuit ahead of the main race, the Formula E driver said:

“It's a very fast track. I think T1 and T2 is going to be difficult with the kerbs. It's gonna be interesting to see what people do. T3, we don't have very much run-off so need to be careful when racing there. But overall, T6, 7, 8, 9, 10's very flowing. It's good. I'm looking forward to it.”

Asked if he was worried about a Delhi belly, the NIO33 Formula E team driver replied:

“I love it. I am quite good with the spice, so I can deal with it. It's like when you go to Japan and have Sushi. Like in the UK, the Sushi is okay. You go to Japan and the Sushi is amazing and it's the same here with the curry. In the UK, we have some nice curries - you go to a good restaurant in London - they're good. But just any place here you go and it's immediately better. It's very nice, yeah. ”

In the race, Ticktum made contact with Jake Hughes while overtaking him, resulting in the NIO333 driver retiring. However, the Briton seemed to be one of the drivers enjoying his food at the Hyderabad Formula E weekend, which added a smile to his face post-race despite his disappointment.

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