Mitch Evans on why people should follow Formula E: “Amazing close racing with some of the best drivers in the world” 

2022 London E-Prix Round 13
In this handout photo from Jaguar Racing, Mitch Evans (NZL), Jaguar TCS Racing, in the garage during the ABB FIA Formula E Championship - 2022 London E-Prix Round 13 on July 31, 2022 in London, Great Britain. (Photo by Jaguar Racing via Getty Images)

Formula E driver Mitch Evans believes that the electric racing series has some of the best talent in the world, which makes it a good motor racing event to follow.

The New Zealander feels that the electric series produces some exciting on-track action with innovative technology into play, which is one of the reasons fans should follow it.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda in Mexico, Evans outlined the reasons fans should watch Formula E, saying:

“Amazing close unpredictable racing with some of the best drivers in the world. You know the depth of talent here is extremely high. Just really proper racing with very innovative technology, which is quite a cool combination. It throws up a lot of action.”

The Jaguar driver believes that despite the series being slightly different from other Motorsport series, it is unique in its own way when it comes to the technology involved and its road relevance in the current times.

He feels that it’s not an easy series for F1 drivers to adjust to either when they make the switch, because the racing and format is different. However, he believes it’s one of the better series and is doing a great job promoting electric vehicles.

Reigning champion Stoffel Vandoorne has also spoken to Sportskeeda in Mexico, highlighting the challenges for F1 drivers making the switch to Formula E. The former McLaren F1 driver also mentioned the high level of talent on the grid, which made Formula E a challenging and extremely competitive series.

Describing the uniqueness of Formula E, Evans said:

“I mean ex-F1 guys come here and struggle, like Antonio. It’s a different type of racing obviously, we start the race with not enough energy to finish, it’s quite cool. There is a lot of strategy involved."
"Its also a good way of promoting electric vehicles and to help change the perception. But yeah apart from that it’s still a racing series and all the same rules apply, some tweaks to promote the technology and the format works pretty well.”

Formula E will get bigger and better with time, according to Mitch Evans

Mitch Evans believes Formula E will only improve and get better with time. The Jaguar TCS team driver believes that the electric racing series will progress with time and is the pinnacle of electric racing and promoting electric vehicles.

Speaking to Sportskeeda about the future of the series, Evans said:

“Totally it’s become more and more relevant as the years go on. Electric vehicles, sales are going really well. And sooner lot more countries will be adopting full electric cars in the near future."
"Formula E is the pinnacle of this technology and they develop it and promote it. So I can only see it getting bigger, how big, we are yet to find out, but yeah I can only see it becoming bigger and better.”

Despite manufacturers like Mercedes Audi and BMW leaving the electric series, there have been new ones who have joined such as McLaren, Maserati, and the DS group. The electric racing series has had three successful rounds so far, with a sellout opener in Mexico and two rounds in Diriyah in Saudi Arabia.

The electric racing series heads to Hyderabad next, which will be the first time a global motorsport has arrived on Indian shores since the departure of Formula 1 almost a decade ago.

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