“This year we can achieve great results” - Pascal Wehrlein is optimistic of his Porsche Formula E team

Pascal Wehrlein speaking to Niharika Ghorpade from Sportskeeda at the 2023 Hyderabad ePrix (Image Courtesy: Porsche Formula E team)
Pascal Wehrlein speaking to Niharika Ghorpade from Sportskeeda at the 2023 Hyderabad ePrix (Image Courtesy: Porsche Formula E team)

Formula E driver Pascal Wehrlein is optimistic about his stint with Porsche and believes the team is in a good position to score great results. The German feels the team is in a better place to fight for the championship in the 2023 season.

Speaking to Sportskeeda ahead of the Hyderabad ePrix, the Porsche driver said:

“Well, I think this year we can achieve great results. We've shown that already in the first couple of races. I wouldn't say I struggled in the past because actually I was quite successful also here and there.
"But obviously, looking at the championship - we've not been where we've wanted to be but hopefully this year we can consistently score good points and be in a position to fight for the championship.”

Currently leading the championship by 12 points, Pascal Wehrlein is in a strong position with Porsche. Asked by Sportskeeda if this was his year to shine and be a serious championship contender, he felt optimistic about his team’s form. He felt that the first three races were a good indicator of them being in a position to fight for the championship.

Pascal Wehrlein believes team work is vital to achieving great results

Pascal Wehrlein felt that teamwork was more important, apart from his own individual fight for the championship. He highlighted the importance of teamwork being the base ground for better performances.

Asked by Sportskeeda if 2023 was the year everything could come together, the former Sauber F1 driver replied:

“Well, it's a team sport so everyone in the team has a very important role and we all try to do our best and therefore every detail of each department is important to be where we want to be. And right now I think we did our homework so far and yeah, we need to keep pushing, need to keep our feet on the ground and try to improve further.”

Pascal Wehrlein became the youngest driver to clinch the DTM championship in 2015 after he which he debuted in Formula 1. Often underrated as a driver despite his immense potential, the German lost his F1 drive after the 2017 season with Sauber.

In Formula E, he has not only flourished with his debut team Mahindra but is looking like a strong title contender with Porsche in a series where the grid is very strong, as reiterated by many to Sportskeeda, including himself. While the German finished fourth in the Hyderabad race, his teammate Antonio Felix da Costa finished third.

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