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Video: Lawn Mowing World Championships makes the cut

1.04K   //    16 Jul 2013, 09:53 IST

Sunday (July 14) saw the climax to the World Lawn Mower championships at Bucks Green in the rural England.

The grass needs to be cautious.

Because this is lawn mower racing.

And these mowers are not slow.

The Lawn Mower Racing World Championships took place in West Sussex on Sunday.

It wasn’t as dangerous as you may think, the blades had been removed.

But Competitors do live on a knife edge.

Paul Tindall, Group 4 racer
“It’s not slow – people always think you race lawnmowers, “oh right, you’re sitting, you like plod around” – no – it’s fast, it’s close and yeah, I am enjoying it because it is really a totally different to any other sport really.”

Engines require the odd tinker here and there as the minor adjustment is allowed.

So, when you are next cutting the lawn on a Sunday afternoon, maybe you should go up a gear?

Becky Mulholland, only female racer
“Brilliant fun. Really good I mean it looks dirty and messy and it’s too fast but it’s not – It’s like really good fun.”

No grass was harmed in the making of this film.

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