Full NameMarc Zwiebler

BornMarch 13, 1984

Height1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)



Marc Zwiebler, reigning from Germany is a professional badminton player born on 13th March, 1984 in Bonn - A city in Western Germany straddling the Rhine river.

The left hander began playing Badminton at the age of 6 in his hometown. Kick-starting his professional career at the age of 10, the 5 ft. 9” German won his first major tournament with a gold at the European Championship in 2012, and was runner-up at the Indonesia Open Final in 2013.


With Marc’s career commencing in Bonn at the age of 6, the ambitious Beuler boy was very passionate about the sport. His biggest influence in the career has been his family and they were extremely supportive of him right from his early years. They allowed him to travel alone at the age of 14 for four weeks in the Chinese province wherein Zwiebler was a guest of the player Xie Yangchu and that opened the horizons for him immediately.


Marc Zwielberg is an International professional since 1994 and made his professional debut in the year 2003 and also managed to bag the gold at the French International Open held in 2003. Up to the June of 2005, Zwielberg participated in many competitions across the globe, some of which include the Norweigan International Championship, Helexpo Thessaloniki World Grand Prix and the Scottish International where he was runner-up against the Indian star, Arvind Bhat. Unfortunately for Zwielberg, in the year 2005, he was experiencing pain in his back which was later diagnosed as a herniated disc - there was no movement in his legs.

Rise to Glory

Marc Zwiebler went through a series of ups and downs during his stint as a sportsman. From being wheelchair ridden due to an acute injury in the year 2005, he came back in 2007 and won the Norweigan International Championship against Kasper Ødum. By October 2009, Zwielber had ranked at #30 in the Men’s Singles category, worldwide; and by 2010, he had made it to #15.

Zwielber had a training regime where he trained 9-10 times a week. He also participated in the Olympics in 2008 and 2012, and in 2012, he made it to the last 16 and lost against Chen Jin of China.

Throughout his career, Zwielber played a cumulative of 584 matches, of which he won 377 and lost 207 under the Men’s singles category with a win percentage of 64.5%. As a Men’s Doubles player, he played 43 matches, of which he won 20 matches.

High Points

Two high points for Zwielber, namely:

Zwielber’s highest point was when he went to Karlskrona in Sweden to participate in the European Championship in 2012 in the Men’s Singles category. In Telenor Arena, against the home favorite Henri Hurskainen, Zwielber bagged the gold for his sensational performance. He beat Hurskainen in 2 straight sets with the scores being 21-15 and 21-13.

Zwiebler picked up silver at the Djarum Indonesia Open in 2013 against Lee Chong Wei where he lost 21-15 and 21-14.

In the Men’s Singles category, Zwielber entered in at World #10 in the February of 2017 - BWF World Rankings.

Low Points

The biggest setback for Zwielberg would have to be the one he faced in 2005 with the herniated disc. He had to sit in a wheelchair with little hope to walk again. Having gained popularity over the years before, to humanity’s dismal, his friends chose to abandon him at this crossroads in his career. Fortunately for Zwielber, neither did this mark the end of his legs nor the end of his Badminton career. The injury made him stronger and a significantly better player.

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