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BornJune 30, 1982

Sho SASAKI is a left handed male badminton player from Japan who was a part of the Japanese team that competed in Badminton at the 2012 Summer Olympics held at London. In 2007 he won the Japanese National Championships in men's singles, and 7 international tournaments: the Bahrain Satellite Badminton Tournament, the Banuinvest International Championships, the Osaka International Challenge, the Israel International, the Mauritius International, the Victorian International and the Italian International. In 2010, he was the winner of the Yonex Dutch Open. The following year he added two more titles to his repertoire- Australian Open, U.S. Open. Besides international matches, he plays for the club Tonami Transpotation. In May 2012, he received the People's honour award from Hokuto City. He is nicknamed Lincoln by his friends due to his uncanny resemblance to the character Lincoln Burrows played by Dominic Purcell in the television series 'Prison Break'
Top 5 men’s singles contenders for the China Masters GPG
Top 5 men’s singles contenders for the China Masters GPG
Chen Long and Lin Dan head the list of contenders for the men's singles title at the China Masters
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