3 chilling details about Dustin Duthie triple murder case

Dustin Duthie (Photo by Julie Debeljak/CBC)
Dustin Duthie (Photo by Julie Debeljak/CBC)

A young Canadian man named Dustin Duthie murdered his girlfriend, mother, and stepfather in a crime that sent shockwaves across the nation back in July 2018. ID's new Evil Lives Here episode, which airs Sunday, August 7, 2022, takes a deeper look into the triple murders.

The episode is expected to focus on the numerous events that led to the devastating incident while delving deep into the investigation. Ahead of the episode's premiere on Sunday, look at some of the most shocking details about the Dustin Duthie case.

Trigger warning: This article contains information about graphic violence.

1) Dustin Duthie's violent behavior during childhood

According to Investigation Discovery, Duthie's stepbrother, Adam Pennylegion, said that he displayed violent behavior during his early childhood days when the family lived together in their Calgary home in Canada.

In one instance, Duthie asked his mother to buy him a new phone, which she refused. Duthie then became furious and started yelling before throwing his phone. The mother eventually told him that she'd buy him a new one.

Per Investigation Discovery, Duthie was also physically violent towards his brothers and stepfather, with whom he had a deeply troubled relationship. He once threw a lighter that hurt his stepbrother Adam's eyelids after he teased him about some of the drawings he'd found in his sketchbook.

2) Duthie's girlfriend seen crying in surveillance footage

According to CBC News, Duthie's girlfriend Taylor Toller cried in one of the security camera clips on the day she was killed. The pair were seen going in and out of Toller's Applewood condo, sometimes holding each other's hands. Toller reportedly died on July 25, 2018.

Duthie slit her throat and put her body on the bed to make it appear as if she'd been sleeping. More than five days later, he went to his family home, wherein he murdered his stepfather and his mother.

3) Lack of apparent motive

Arguably, the most chilling thing about the case is the lack of an apparent motive. According to DayDayNews, police discovered a torn piece of paper that may contain the motive for the killings after Duthie's arrest.

Adam, Dustin Duthie's stepbrother, says in a sneak peek of Investigation Discovery's Evil Lives Here episode that,

''I think the only words I have for Dustin is, why? What happened in that house? The only person that knows is Dustin.''

After killing his stepfather and mother, Duthie called 911 and confessed to the three murders, after which the police discovered the bodies. Dustin pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of his stepfather, Alan Pennylegion, and second-degree murder for killing his mother and girlfriend.

He was eventually sentenced to prison with no parole available until 35 years. Duthie reportedly expressed remorse during the trial. According to Calgary Herald, he cried when the victim impact statements were read in court.

Evil Lives - I Found His Confession airs on Investigation Discovery Sunday, August 7, 2022, at 11:00 PM ET.

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