3 must-watch Super Bowl ads in 2022

Sofi Stadium before the mega event (Image via Marca | Videos via Youtube)
Sofi Stadium before the mega event (Image via Marca | Videos via Youtube)

We are just a couple of days shy of the much-anticipated Super Bowl 2022 and we are as excited as you are. As the two teams gear up to lock horns at the SoFi Stadium in LA on February 13, we look back at the amazing commercials that came out this year, pushing the popularity of this mega event to greater heights.

3 Super Bowl ads to watch in 2022

1) A Clydesdale's Journey


Budweiser is a brand that has always shown up when it comes to supporting sports teams and sporting events. A few days ago, they released an ad on their YouTube channel promoting the upcoming edition of Super Bowl.

In this short commercial, we see how a horse gets injured but still manages to get up and running only due to sheer grit and determination. The subtle message the commercial echoed was that one can occasionally go down, but that does not mean they can never get up. A great moral booster for players before this sporting event.

2) Doritos: Push It


Another commercial that got aired recently that promotes the upcoming mega sporting event is Doritos: Push It. The ad shows wild animals who accidentally get hold of a pack of Doritos and start showing their wild side. Even the sloth, which is considered to be one of the slowest animals on the planet, stuns viewers by running and getting on top of a tree.

The message conveyed is that even a weak link in a group can surprise you if given a proper push.

3) Pepsi: Road to Super Bowl LVI


Pepsi has supported major sporting events in the past. This year, for the very first time, they are going to support the Super Bowl 56 . Recently, it came up with a commercial that looks more like a movie trailer. The commercial shows how the likes of Victor Cruz, Eli Manning, and Jerome Bettis are going crazy about Pepsi products as they set out to be part of this hyped mega sporting event.

The ad calls out to the fans to support their team from the stadium while they enjoy Pepsi products.

Let us know if you have come across any other commercials that support this sporting event which you think should definitely be checked out by others.

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