3 Simu Liu movies you didn't know he starred in

Simu Liu during a photoshoot (Image via IMDb | Videos via Youtube)
Simu Liu during a photoshoot (Image via IMDb | Videos via Youtube)

Simu Liu is a popular Chinese-born Canadian actor who recently made headlines by playing the role of Shang-Chi in the Marvel blockbuster- Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Previously, Liu has worked as a stuntman in various movies. He has also been cast in a number of films where he had some onscreen time. If you are a fan of this budding Hollywood sensation, you should definitely check out these three movies Liu has starred in.

Did you know Simu Liu starred in these movies?

1) Pacific Rim


Liu starred in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim (2013) as a stuntman and one of the extras.

This is considered to be his silverscreen debut. During the course of shooting, Liu had the opportunity to closely observe the work of actor Idris Elba which made him a fan of not only the actor but also the entire movieverse. Pacific Rim is an action-packed masterpiece that depicts a war between humans and monstrous sea creatures with an ex-pilot being mankind's last hope to win.

2) Women Is Losers


Lissette Feliciano's Women Is Losers (2021) is another movie with Simu Liu cast as an actor. He is seen in the role of a character called Gilbert. Though fans might be aware of his performance in this movie, this was an opportunity for him to work alongside some wonderful actors. The movie follows the story of a young girl, Celina Guerrera, and her endeavour to escape poverty and make a better life for herself.

3) Bright: Samurai Soul


Bright: Samurai Soul (2021) is a movie that most martial arts enthusiasts are fans of. But did you know that the voice you heard behind the character Izno is Simu Liu? While it was him who did the English voiceover, the Japanese version was done by YÅ«ki Nomura.

Though Liu didn't make an onscreen appearance in this movie, his energetic voiceover makes this a worthwhile watch for any of his fans.

Simu Liu is an actor one can hope to be seeing more on the silverscreen in the near future. He is energetic, hardworking, and portrays every role he is cast in with utmost perfection.

Liu is currently working on Andy Fickman's upcoming movie One True Loves, where he will be seen in the role of a character called Sam.

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