4 new Reality TV show releases in October 2022

Love At First Lie, The Real Love Boat and We Bought A Funeral Home (Images via MTV, IMDb and Discovery+)
Love At First Lie, The Real Love Boat and We Bought A Funeral Home (Images via MTV, IMDb and Discovery+)

Reality TV remains one of the most-watched genres across platforms such as HBO, Netflix, CBS, MTV, and Discovery+. These platforms are adding a lot of interesting and exciting titles this Halloween season. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with spooky, hilarious, and romantic reality TV shows? A guilty pleasure that many of us cannot resist.

The fun thing about reality TV shows is that they mix everything - drama, comedy, horror and what not. Watching real people go through unrealistic situations is the cherry on top of the reality TV cake. If you're wondering what to watch this October, here's a list of four upcoming reality TV shows that will entertain you.

From finding love to buying funeral homes, here are some reality TV shows to watch this Halloween season

1) We Bought A Funeral Home, October 1


We Bought a Funeral Home is a reality TV show that revolves around the Blumberg family who have come to live in a Victorian funeral home in the town of Dresden, Ontario. The family will switch from their big-city life and live in a 12,000-square-foot abandoned funeral home.

Heather and Arryn Blumberg, along with their two children, will redecorate this deserted and spooky mansion. The show is produced by Heart Hat Entertainment and makes for a perfect Halloween season watch. The reality TV show will feature all kinds of strange noises, scary shadows and startling discoveries. The six episodes, an hour long each, will capture the hilarious yet adventurous journey of the Blumberg family renovating a funeral home into a dream house.

Betsy Ayala, senior vice president of programming and development at HGTV, said,

"We can't think of a more binge-worthy way to ring in the spooky season than renovating a funeral home."

Watch We Bought a Funeral Home on October 1, 2022, only on Discovery+.

2) The Real Love Boat, October 5

The 1977 classic, love-competition series, The Love Boat is back. The reboot of the show, The Real Love Boat, is coming on CBS.

The reality TV show will have singles cruising on a real Princess boat, in the most romantic of places, in a bid to find true love. They will be tasked with fun challenges that will test their chemistry and hopefully sow the seeds of beautiful romance. The show will be hosted by hilarious and love-struck couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell.

The official synopsis of the show reads,

"Inspired by the long-running scripted classic about vacationers aboard a luxury Princess Cruises ship, it’s full-steam ahead on CBS for The Real Love Boat. And it’s all about romance, chronicling the adventures of real-life singles brought together for a Mediterranean voyage in search of The One. Assuming they navigate the compatibility and chemistry challenges along the way, only one lucky couple will win a cash bounty and ultimate luxury Princess Cruise. The Real Love Boat —come aboard, they’re expecting you."

The Real Love Boat airs on October 5, 2022, only on CBS.

3) Love At First Lie, October 12


Speaking of love in the spooky season, one can't deny how treacherous and mysterious these waters can be. Love at First Lie is a reality TV show based on an interesting concept that requires the audience to participate at par with the contestants on the show.

The show is the first of its kind - a relationship mystery contest that will give participants tasks that will test their companionship and the audience will have to guess who is in a real relationship. The show will have 12 episodes with eight couples from the UK and US. It will be hosted by Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame.

The official logline of the show reads,

“Power games test their relationships and give insight into who could be telling the truth or lying through their teeth. At the end of each episode, during the Truth Ceremony, the couples must eliminate who they think is lying about their love from the competition. If they guess correctly and kick out liars, they add $25,000 to the prize fund each time. Only one couple can win and take home the entire prize pot, but will they be lovers, or will they be liars?”

Watch Love At First Lie and find out who is faking it and who's taking the cash prize home, only on MTV on October 12.

4) Drink Masters, October 28

Drink Masters (Image via IMDb)
Drink Masters (Image via IMDb)

In a world full of Master Chefs, it's high time that we have a reality TV show crowning the ultimate "drink master." Netflix has tapped into the most interesting reality TV show concept and has come up with a contest for who makes the best drinks.

Drink Masters will have mixologists from around the world who are cocktail competition veterans pitted against each other. Their job is to create an exotic cocktail experience that will be judged on the basis of three parameters - taste, presentation and the mood of the judge's taste buds on that particular day.

A still from the show (Image via IMDb)
A still from the show (Image via IMDb)

The reality TV show will feature 12 contestants from across North America, and will be released on Netflix on October 28.

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