5 expensive and unique gifts BTS received from ARMY

K-pop boy group BTS (Image via HYBE Labels)
K-pop boy group BTS (Image via HYBE Labels)

In 2018, BTS issued a 'No Presents' policy and stopped taking gifts from their fans aka the BTS ARMY. Now, they only accept letters from their loving fans. However, before the rule was implemented, BTS received several gifts from their fans, some of which left everyone speechless.

Over the course of five years (2013-2018), the septet received a plethora of presents - plushies, GUCCI items, and even a Rolex watch, to name a few. ARMY splurged on their favorite pop sensations to show their love and appreciation.

Take a look at the 5 most expensive, yet unique, gifts given by ARMY to the group members.

ARMY spoiled BTS members with these five indulgent gifts that are unlike any other

1) A bar of gold to Jung Kook

ARMY took Jung Kook's title of Golden Maknae to the next level when one of them decided to gift him a 500 gram gold bar. A gold bar is undoubtedly one of the most expensive things a BTS member has received from their fans.

Besides the bar of gold, Jung Kook has gotten other expensive gifts from ARMY like a Canon EOS camera, a personalised Tiffany & Co. bracelet, Louis Vuitton boots, and a Rolex watch worth more than $20,000.

2) A plot of land on the Moon for RM

An ARMY from Tunisia, North Africa, bought the most unique and unexpected gift for the leader of the septet, RM. They gifted the Forever Rain singer a plot of land on the moon. The details on the purchase slip indicate that they bought the 1 ACRE DELUXE PACKAGE (Lake of Dreams). It also features a personal message for RM, making it even more special.

The gift is a reference to a nickname for RM that is popular among fans, Moonchild, based on his famous track of the same name.

3) Stars to V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Back in 2018, V's fans from England and Vietnam gifted him two stars named Taehyung (Shinning Taehyung) and December Sunshine, respectively. He received the same gift the following year. Having stars to your name is truly a joy.

Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook, and Suga have also received breathtaking galaxy stars as gifts.

4) An acre of land on Mars

Jung Kook's fans are truly extraordinary. After giving him a golden bar, they gifted him an acre of land on Mars. The purchase can be traced back to his birthday in 2017, and the property is registered under Jeon Jung Kook. Getting the youngest member an acre of land on another planet just proves the dedication of ARMY to making their bias feel special.

5) A massage chair

On the list of the most unique gifts given by ARMY to the Dynamite group is a massage chair. Since BTS is always on the clock, working hard 24*7, the massage chair could help them to relieve stress. The boys proudly showed the gift to the entire fandom on a Vlive. They seemed to appreciate it a ton. Jimin falling asleep on the chair in the middle of the Vlive was also a moment to cherish.

It's clear that the love BTS possesses for their fans is reciprocated with the same energy. While the group showers ARMY with meaningful songs and blockbuster performances, fans support their idols by offering gifts, appreciation and a lot of love.

While it might not be possible for fans to purchase expensive gifts for the members anymore, they can opt to write beautiful letters to convey their feelings to the septet. At the end of the day, the group only wants their fans to enjoy what they have to offer.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee
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