5 fashion hacks that went viral in 2021 

Scarf top: Viral TikTok trend (Image via Getty)
Scarf top: Viral TikTok trend (Image via Getty)

TikTok gained popularity in 2021 not just for lip-sync videos or vine-worthy content but also for the hacks that surfaced through it.

The platform gave the world the trendiest of outfits with life-saving fashion hacks that are bound to help every person on this planet. From scarf tops to pro shoe lacing, it covered everything. Due to the same going viral, such fashion hack videos can now also be seen on Instagram reels.

Pro shoe lacing and belt hoop hack were two of the most prominent fashion hacks of 2021

5) Not-so-loose jeans

The struggle for loose jeans doesn't end at rolling up its ends. The actual problem lies in the fit. There are an infinite number of body types, and well, the jeans industry still hasn't figured out a way to fit every single one of them perfectly. One either struggles with the waist or with the hips. Something or the other is always loose.

Thanks to TikTok, another jeans-related hack that went viral this year, and it featured using the hoop next to the button as a way to tighten loose-waisted jeans, so no one goes through the embarrassment of sitting with a back pouch.

4) Pro shoe lacing

Nothing is more satisfying than buying a fresh pair of sneakers, but the problem arises when it no longer has the professional lacing left to it. It's a sure thing that everyone loves the pro-looking laces fresh out of the store, but no one really knew the hack for it until now.

TikTok is perhaps full of people with crazy skills who just wish to help everyone because this shoelace hack definitely saved many people's time. With just a bit of a trick, one can have the pro look to their shoes.

3) Jeans roll-ups

One day-to-day issue faced by the entire world is unrolled jeans. There are times when the cutest pair need some rolling up from the bottom because that's what makes it fashionable, especially for mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. At this point, rolling up can be considered an art in itself, as not everyone can do it with perfection.

A TikTok hack that went viral this year taught viewers how to roll their jeans up in the sleekest and perfect manner, one that will keep them from doing it again and again throughout the day. All it needs is a neat fold, and voila! It's done.

2) Belt hoop hack

Everyone has struggled with the no hoop left for the belt problem, which is funny because belts are made to use for denim jeans but somehow never exactly fit. The hack was yet another viral TikTok trend where a hair-tie or rubberband is used to create an extra hoop where one can fit in the sloppy end of the belt. What a fantastic idea!

1) Scarf to top

If there's one fashion hack that dominated 2021 and truly pushed the idea of reusing clothing items, it's the scarf-to-top hack. No one would've ever thought that a clothing accessory like a casual silk scarf could be worn as a literal top. Many TikTok and Instagram users tried this hack and were shocked by the outcome.

The hack involved not only using its ends as sleeves but, at times, also wearing it in several ways. It also pushed brands to promote their scarves more and more as people were now interested in wearing scarf tops.

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