5 K-pop idols with INTJ personality type

ITZY's Ryujin 'Icy' teaser photo (Image via ITZY official Twitter)
ITZY's Ryujin 'Icy' teaser photo (Image via ITZY official Twitter)

It's rare for K-pop idols to have an INTJ personality type. More so, because it makes up around 1 to 4% of the general population. An MBTI test is a TMI sort of test for fans to know more about their idols. The trend of knowing the personality type of an idol arose in 2020 and continues till today.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifies a person's strengths, weaknesses and personality, and is based on Carl Jung's theory of personality types. Out of the 16 personalities, INTJ - Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging - also called 'The Architect', is one of the rarest MBTI types.

INTJs are described as being highly analytical, hard-working, imaginative and strategic thinkers. Let's find out which K-pop idols match these characteristics.

Disclaimer: This list is not definitive by any means. It is also unranked and numbered for the purpose of organization.

K-pop idols who demonstrate an INTJ personality

1) ITZY's Ryujin

The rapper, dancer and vocalist Ryujin from the popular 4th gen K-pop girl group ITZY falls in this personality type. They're people who think rationally and majorly prefer a close-knit group. ITZY took an MBTI test in 2020 and Ryujin's personality was then revealed to be an INTJ.

2) SF9's Dawon

Another characteristic of INTJs - they dislike rules. Known for being imaginative and curious, SF9's Dawon fits the bill for being an INTJ. While some fans think he's not an introvert, INTJs often show love only to those who they feel close to.

Fans might remember Dawon's church story, where he jumped from the second floor to escape from the priest, only because he didn't like the rules. There are many instances where he puts on his curiosity hat and keeps on asking questions too. Talk about ticking off 'curiosity' and 'I make my own rules' on the INTJ list.

3) BIGBANG's G-Dragon

G-Dragon of the iconic K-pop group BIGBANG, is probably the INTJ idol who shocked everyone with his personality reveal. Mnet uploaded a TMI video sharing idols with MBTI types and G-Dragon, the King of K-pop, was revealed to be an INTJ.

4) WayV's YangYang

While some fans still can't wrap their heads around it, Mnet revealed WayV's YangYang to be in the same category as G-Dragon and Ryujin - INTJ. Mnet's video describes INTJs as perfectionists, planners, being meticulous and a bit introverted - which fans can agree YangYang definitely is.

5) Apink's Naeun

Women with an INTJ personality are a rare sight. They have a need to be more competent, are skeptical and need things their way (just like Ryujin's dalgona incident with Midzy). Naeun is also all of these, with the addition of being rational but emotional. She also likes planning her day meticulously. She perfectly embodies all the characteristics of an INTJ personality type.

Knowing K-pop idols, MBTI is one of the many ways fans end up feeling a bit closer to them. However, fans should also note that personalities can change anytime.

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Edited by Sabine Algur
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