5 lesser-known facts about The Sandman actor Tom Sturridge

Tom Sturridge in The Sandman (Image via NetflixLife)
Tom Sturridge in The Sandman (Image via NetflixLife)

Tom Sturridge has become quite the talk of the internet owing to his upcoming Netflix show The Sandman. Starring in the show alongside Jenna Coleman and Gwendoline Christie, among other popular actors, this is probably Sturridge's most popular work since Pirate Radio.

Based on Neil Gaiman's comic book, The Sandman revolves around a superhuman, Morpheus/Dream, who can control the world of dreams. The Sandman is inspired from a character from European folklore. The fantasy drama show is one of the most anticipated shows this year.


Facts about Tom Sturridge you probably don't know

1) Tom was going to star in Jumper

Jumper was released in 2008 and shot to popularity among the common folks despite getting mediocre reviews. It starred Hayden Christensen and was a sci-fi action film that appealed to the most mainstream of audiences.

What's interesting is that Tom Sturridge was initially cast as the lead character David Rice, following which he was replaced by Christensen because of the uncertainty associated with casting newer actors. At the time, Sturridge was more of an underdog and was only critically appreciated for his performances rather than celebrated for his stardom.

Tom Sturridge (Image via TV Overmind)
Tom Sturridge (Image via TV Overmind)

2) His mother is an actress and his father, a director

Tom Sturridge (Image via Wikipedia)
Tom Sturridge (Image via Wikipedia)

Sturridge's parents are both into television, which made acting an early career option for him. His father, Charles Sturridge, is a screenwriter and director who has won four BAFTA TV Awards and a BAFTA Children's Award. He has also been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards.

It is known, however, that Tom was reluctant to be an actor due to his parents being in the industry. A rebellious streak caused him to not want to be an actor at the time. However, he evidently outgrew that and is now into both film and television.

3) He starred in the television adaptation of Gulliver's Travels

Tom Sturridge in Gulliver's Travels (Image via IMDB)
Tom Sturridge in Gulliver's Travels (Image via IMDB)

Having parents who were both into television, Tom Sturridge got to be in the television adaptation of Gulliver's Travels, starring alongside his mother. The story was directed and written by his father too. This is officially his first on-screen performance.

He does, however, regard that opportunity as one of chance. Sturridge has said that he doesn't quite consider that his first job as he hardly knew what he was doing at the time. It was directed by his father and he was mostly there for fun. Tom started acting as early as 1996, when he was just 11.

4) He is a close friend of Robert Pattinson

Tom and Robert Pattinson met through Tom's siblings and are now very good friends. They've known each other since they were 13 and grew up to be the best of friends. Although they do not openly talk about it, the two have appeared in public together several times as they went about their day.

On the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Redmayne said that both Sturridge and Pattinson had a very unique audition technique where they would rehearse with each other. Even as struggling actors in Hollywood, they seem to have stuck together and helped each other out.

5) He's has no presence on social media

Despite his fair popularity and how much that can be mobilized in a profession like acting, Tom Sturridge has no verified presence on any social media platforms. He has several fan pages making him a popular face on the internet, however, he doesn't have a public account.

Of course, for actors with such important roles in television and film, maintaining privacy can become such a task. Staying away from social media is probably Tom's way of having that balance in life.

The Sandman (Image via IndieWire)
The Sandman (Image via IndieWire)

The comic The Sandman is adapted from was famously published by DC Comics from 1989 to 1993. It was then published under DC Vertigo from 1993 to 2020 before DC Black Label took over. Fantasy dramas such as Locke and Key and Stranger Things have really worked out for Netflix in the past. The platform is looking for a similar outcome for The Sandman as well. Lucifer, based on the DC comics character created by Neil Gaiman, received a positive response and an immense fan following.

The Netflix adaptation would be a unique ride to see how a very animated comic is translated into a believable television show and abstract concepts such as time are represented in live action. With well-known actors like Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, David Thewlis, Stephen Fry, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Joely Kim Richardson among others in the cast, the show has great promise. The Sandman is all set to release on Netflix on August 5, 2022.

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