3 reasons why Robert Pattinson will be a better Batman than Ben Affleck

Robert Pattinson as Batman (Image via @empiremagazine/Instagram)
Robert Pattinson as Batman (Image via @empiremagazine/Instagram)

Robert Pattinson as Batman shook fans to the core. The ongoing controversy seems to intensify with people comparing Pattinson as Batman to Ben Affleck portraying the same role. There is no doubt that Ben Affleck is one of the greatest actors and Batman of all time. But Robert Pattinson as Batman does sound intriguing and captivating.

It's fair to admit that Robert Pattinson is not only popular for his role in the Twilight movie series. Apart from playing the role of a sparkly vampire, Pattinson has scored several other roles. A sharp jawline and compelling acting skills have brought him a long way in his acting career.

What exactly makes Robert Pattinson a better Batman?

1) An extremely diverse acting career at a young age

Robert Pattinson has played a diverse set of roles in the last decade. Not to discredit Ben Affleck's experience, in the same way, he has played some significant roles himself. However, it is challenging to predict what Pattinson might bring to the stage with his acting.

Due to his ability to completely adapt to the character that he is playing, Pattinson might as well be one of the best Batman choices. He has found a platform to portray the progress that he has made, beginning with Twilight.

2) He's not someone you'd expect to play the role of Batman

Still associated with his previous role in Twilight, people don't expect Pattinson to be suitable for the role. This is exactly what makes it even more enticing. Looking back at all his past roles, he seems to be doing a great job in each. The trick is to use someone unexpected for the role of Batman.

3) A fresh start for both Batman and Pattinson

Pattinson has the opportunity for a solo film that will familiarize the audience with the new Batman. Looking back at his previous roles, we can be sure that he will add spice to his character.

A new Batman is not what we expected. But it might just be something that Batman's character needed. Thus, giving a fresh start to both the character and the actor playing the role.

The Batman movie is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022. This movie will give Pattinson as well as the audience to adjust to the character. Giving Pattinson a shot at proving his worth as Batman seems like the right thing to do now.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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