5 rare 'Stranger Things' facts that cannot be missed

Still from Stranger Things (Image via Sportskeeda)
Still from Stranger Things (Image via Sportskeeda)

Stranger Things has given a whole new meaning to dystopian science fiction. Centered around a little girl with superpowers and dark forces to contend with, Stranger Things rose to popularity pretty quickly.

With an ever-expanding fan base, Stranger Things remains one of the most-watched shows on Netflix.

5 facts about 'Stranger Things' the average viewer may not know

1) Eleven was inspired by Speilberg's E.T. to some extent

We are all familiar with Speilberg's splendid creation, E.T., or the alien in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Stranger Things was inspired by and borrowed from E.T. Eleven's blonde wig and pink dress was inspired from E.T. itself. E.T. sported the same look in the film when he was posing in disguise. This was a big nod to the '80s movie.

2) The Chief's hat

Chief Hopper's hat was also a nod to an '80s movie, the Indiana Jones franchise. The Chief's wide-brimmed hat, which he was seen wearing all the time, was inspired from the archaeology hero Dr. Jones, from the Indiana Jones franchise. Actor David Harbour, who plays the role of Hopper, insisted on wearing that hat. It is another one of the '80s references hidden within the series.

3) Stranger Things was almost not made

In an interview, the makers of the show revealed that the show had been rejected by several networks almost 15 times. Apparently, nobody liked that the show centered around children but wasn’t targeted to a child audience. It was only because Netflix picked up the show that we have been blessed with Stranger Things.

4) The '80s feel

It is no secret that the makers wanted to give an '80s feel to the show. To achieve the vintage look of the '80s throughout the series, Stranger Things was shot on a digital cinema camera with an added layer of scanned film grain. Moreover, the show is replete with references from '80s popular culture and even the characters are dressed that way.

5) Stranger Things was almost called something else

The show was sold to Netflix under the name of 'Montauk'. This was because the Duffer brothers had originally intended for their sci-fi horror series to be situated in Montauk, Long Island, where the alleged government experiment called “The Montauk Project” was carried out. However, after the series was picked up, the location was changed to Hawkins, Indiana.

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